45 Tasty Coconut Recipes


Hey friends!  A few weeks ago I shared all these amazing Lime recipes that I have been loving and craving and Lisa shared her favorite Lemon recipes!  What can we say?  Our tastebuds are craving summer flavors, so today I am sharing some Delicious Coconut Recipes!  I am telling you, all these yummy flavors have gotten me so excited for warm weather and I am ready to plant flowers in my pots, go swimming and on evening bike rides!  Anybody else with me?  

Ahhh coconut!  Why are you seriously so good?  I have never found a recipe that I feel would be better without coconut in it!  It really does make everything SO MUCH BETTER!  

Here are some of my favorite meals, drinks and desserts that have coconut in them!  Enjoy! 

collageCoconut Shrimp |  Crispy Coconut Chicken | Coconut Crusted Salmon Bites


collage-2Coconut Salmon | Coconut Milk Hawaiian Haystacks | Thai Coconut Chicken Curry


collage-3Noodles in Coconut Sauce | Coconut Lime Chicken | Coconut Crusted Chicken w/ Mango Salsa


collage-4Coconut Shrimp Curry | Thai Cashew Rice SaladCoconut Crusted Mahi Mahi


collage-10Banana Coconut Breakfast Bowl | Coconut Cream French Toast | Coconut Pecan Breakfast Bars


collage-5Coconut Lime Rice | Coconut Pineapple Rice | Jamaican Red Bean Rice


collage-6Coconut Curry Cauliflower | Coconut Creamed SpinachBrazilian Sticky Rice


collage-7Mango Sticky Rice | Coconut Cream Pie |  Coconut PB No Bake Cookies


collage-8Coconut Cream Pull Apart | Coconut Cream Cake | Coconut Toffee


collage-12No Bake Praline Pecan Cookies | Magic Bars | Coconut Pecan Brownies


collage-9Coconut Lime Dipping Sauce | Pina Colada Dipping Sauce | Coconut Syrup 


collage-11Coconut Limeade | Dirty Dr. Pepper | Frozen Coconut Limeade 


collage-13Creamy Tropical Smoothie | Coconut Raspberry SlushLemon Coconut Italian Soda


collage-14Coconut Hot Chocolate | Pina Colada FloatsCoconut Milk Yogurt


collage-15Coconut Water | Sonic Ocean Water Copycat | Pina Coladas

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    Raven @snapmeals


    I can’t wait to try these! Yummmmm. Coconut Salmon and Coconut Creamed Spinach, I think I will try first because I cook with both salmon and spinach all the time. Everything looks amazing. Thank you!


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