Adventureland and New Orleans Square – Ride by Ride

This is one of my favorite parts of Disneyland. There are a lot of nice rides for cooling off!

Adventureland and New Orleans Square

Enchanted Tiki Room – This is a fun sit down show for kids. It’s a really great place to cool off. There is one part where there is lightening and drums that can be a little scary for little ones, but not scary enough to skip this ride.  They have the most amazing pineapple whips and floats you can buy as you wait. There really isn’t a line for this ride. You wait in the garden area and then file in. I’ve never had to wait for a second show.

Disneyland Railroad – Stops in New Orleans Square between the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the train’s 2nd stop. Comes from Main Street on the way to Fantasyland right by Small World.

Haunted Mansion – No age or height requirement but be wary for kids under the age of 8. The line moves fast.

Indiana Jones Adventure – Must be 46 inches tall to ride. The line is long, as far as the distance is concerned (where you enter is a long way from where you get on the ride – if you walked the entire cue its almost 1/2 mile). This is one that is wise to fast pass. Ride is really fun but if you have back problems, you might not enjoy it since its jerky. Half way through the line there is one hallway you walk through that has spikes on the ceiling and on the sides of the room. There is a bamboo pole and if you pull on it the ceiling will drop a few inches.

Jungle Cruise – No age or height requirement. Fun ride for all ages. They tell corny jokes as you ride through the Amazon. It’s another good ride to relax and cool off on. There is one point where the worker will shoot a cap type of gun that can scare kids but I don’t think it’s too scary for any age. Line moves average to fast.

Pirates of the Caribbean – No age or height requirement. Kids 3 and under might not like it because of the drops, noise, and dark. Line moves fast and the ride is long so its a nice sit down break. The ride is entirely underground so it’s also nice and cool.

Tarzan’s Tree house – This is a great walk through of Tarzan’s tree house. Younger kids love it and you get some fun views from the top. Great ride to take little ones on while older members ride Indiana Jones. At the end of the walk through there is a little hands on area for kids to touch and make music.

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    SanShi Anne Glover


    Are you going to do a ride-by-ride guide for California Adventure?


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    Another few facts:
    1. In the pirates ride, when you go past the Davy Jones fog and enter the battle with Captain Barbosa… look to the right, you will see a hole from a “cannon” that forms the Micky Mouse symbol perfectly. It’s also found on the knight’s armor on the wall at the end of the ride (before passing Captain Jack Sparrow).
    2. In the line for Indiana Jones, you will walk around a closed up “well” with a string supporting an unknown object… the fake sign instructs people to not pull the rope, but if you do you will hear fake noises from the bottom of the well.


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