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Bathroom Printables

After I make the kitchen printables Pam asked me to make something similar for her boys bathroom that she wanted to spruce up. Here they are!

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** We later added a 4th FLOSS bathroom printable that you can download HERE!

If you would like custom colors for your bathroom you can find them here.  These are for personal use only. You may not sell these prints!

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Previous author of Over the Big Moon. I shared my passion for home and family life! I love graphic design, DIY projects, cooking, and working in my garden! My favorite role is taking care of my husband and our 3 amazing and busy boys!
  • tabitha

    love love love

  • Wow- found you through SKip to my Lou’s link up party, I am so impressed! Thank you for your generosity of sharing these printables. When I get around to printing and hanging them in my bathroom I’ll send you a photo. Thanks so much!!!
    Holly from http://www.abakershouse.com

    • Yeah- just got around to printing these and framed them for the bathroom. It is just the bit of personality the blank walls needed. I only used the flush and wash as it is a guest bathroom but I LOVE the orange of the brush printable and might have to use it elsewhere in the house. The flush printable came out more brownish than green but maybe it’s just the photo lab where I printed it. LOVE IT! A huge thanks!

  • So very kind of you to share these with all of us!! 🙂 I will defiantly be pinning these.

  • These are so fun! Thanks for sharing the printables, and thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy! Love your blog!!

  • These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  • kellie

    I love these. Many Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Adorable! Thanks!

  • thanks so much for sharing, I’ve already printed and framed my own. found you through Skip to my Lou

  • these are fantastic! LOVE the colours! thanks for sharing!!

  • thanks for sharing , they are so cute !!!

  • Christina

    Thanks for sharing! These match my bathroom perfect!

  • kendell

    Thank you ever so much for sharing these posters, Kindest regards

  • Hi! I love your clean designed posters! ☺ I have a blog where I share printables (my own and others’). Hope it’s OK that I posted both your bathroom and kitchen posters here: http://gidetvidere.blogspot.com/2012/04/rent-sagt-pa-badet.html (it’s in Norwegian, but you could try Google Translate). Wish you all the best. Irene.

  • Anisa

    These are perfect! Thanks so much. I modified them a little by changing the colors… and I changed the image on the soap… they are adorable hanging in my boys’ bathroom. http://larciebird.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-boys-bathroom.html

  • ClutteredMama

    LOVE these!!!! I pinned these on Pinterest forever ago, and now have them hanging in my bathroom! I am happy every time I see them! (and I blogged about them/linked back to you here: http://www.theclutteredhouse.com/2012/11/a-pinterest-y-kind-of-weekend.html)

  • Amber B.

    Perfect for my dental office! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tanya P.

    What size prints are these?

    • Lisa


  • Love these I just re-did my bathroom decor and used these!

  • Sarah

    Could you tell me what size frame I will need for the printables? Thank you!