Birthday Stickers

Lets be honest I have many strengths, but remembering birthdays is not one of them! I am the worst! I almost missed my hubs birthday this year had he not dropped me a little hint the day before. Its that bad! I have tried so many different ways to stay organized and nothing has worked yet. I just never know what the date is. I can always tell you the day of the week but I never know if it’s the 1st, 10th, or 21st!

I didn’t get my brother Mark’s birthday card out in time and my brother Brian’s birthday is coming up. So I decided to make little stickers to put on the cards. I made 1 set for cards for birthdays coming up and 1 set for those that I accidentally missed. My goal is to send cards out once a month ahead of time so that I can try to stay on top of birthdays.



These labels are designed for 2 x 4 Avery Labels . All you have to do is print them and they should line up perfectly with the 2×4 labels.

Avery Print from the Web, v5 Document

[wpdm_package id=’16313′]

Avery Print from the Web, v5 Document

So if you are like me (a little birthday challenged) hopefully these can help you too!

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