Christmas Alphabet Stamping Sheets

christmasstampingsheetsbutton My boys have re-discovered our Stamp Sets!  I shared a basic, everyday set of Alphabet Stamping Sheets a while back.  But, where it is the Holiday season, I decided to make my boys a Christmas Stamping Sheet Set.   They have been loving the stamps all over again!  It’s been fun, because Nathan is all over teaching Jeffrey his alphabet!  

For those wondering – we have the Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp set and we have loved it!  They are really nice quality and they have held up really well to all the little hands that have used them!

I also created a blank page at the end of the download, so he would have a place to stamp his name and work on other words too.  He likes me to write out all his cousin’s names and then he copies them by stamping them.  I have started to ask him what the first letter of a specific cousin’s name is, by having him making the starting sound of their name.  Then, once we get that, then he’ll just copy the rest.
My sister, Jamie, even purchased a set of Alphabet Stamps after seeing our set to use with her older kids. She has her Kindergartner stamp out all his spelling words and then if her 4th grader is having a hard time on a word or two off her spelling list, she’ll pull them out for her to use too! It forces her to slow down a little and really memorize the word, cause she has to take the time to pull out each specific letter!


As I shared in my previous post – there are LOTS of fun Stamp Sets – AnimalsDinosaursHorsesPrincessesVehiclesLandscapesFriendshipButterflyBaby Zoo, and Baby Farm

I have been super happy with the Melissa and Doug ink sets too.  My boys especially love the Jumbo Stamp Pad!  Makes it easy for lots of little hands to get involved without fighting over the ink pad!  Happy Stampin’!! 

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