Congrats LaTisha (The Girl in the Yellow Dress)!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.35.19 PMSource: LaTisha’s Instagram

We wanted to do a shout out today to our contributor, LaTisha, The Girl in the Yellow Dress!  She had her baby girl a few days ago!  She is so tiny and cute  – we’re so happy and excited for her!  CONGRATS LaTisha!  

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Being that generally on the 2nd Wednesday of the month you get a fun Fashion post from LaTisha, I thought I would link up a few posts of her blog from this last month for your fun and enjoyment!

First up, who looks this good at 39 weeks pregnant?  I mean, really?!?  You can check out more pictures and an awesome giveaway in her last post HERE!





I really love this outfit – like a lot!  I wish I had it in me to get this cute everyday! Check out this NYE Attire post HERE!




I can’t get enough of this adorable outfit in her Beanie and a Bump post!




And last, but not least here is a little bit more my style – COMFY!  hehe 🙂  Check out her Comfy style post HERE!




LaTisha – We hope you are cuddling that babe and enjoying every second with her these first few weeks!  Love you girlie and hope you and babe are doing well!


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    Thanks you guys so much!! This is so sweet of you! We are doing good! And can’t wait to post next month with your readers!! Love you guys! Xoxo


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      So glad you’re doing well and resting! Can’t wait to see more pics of that beautiful babe! Love ya!


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    Congrats! Never thought it was possible to look that good pregnant! Hugs to you and your beautiful baby!


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