DIY Watercolor Mugs

Hey! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous! I am loving these fun DIY watercolor mugs!

DIY Watercolor Mugs

They are so easy and inexpensive! You probably already have most of the things you’ll need. You will need a white mug or two, a tupperware container, water, and nail polish.

First, fill a tupperware container (one you don’t mind ruining) with water. Add drops of the nail polish color of your choice into the water. It helps to blow on the paint once it’s in the water to help spread it out and get a fun pattern. Try to work quickly so that the nail polish doesn’t dry.

DIY Watercolor Mugs

Once you’ve added the nail polish to the water, simply dip your mug in and pull it out. Set the mugs aside to dry, and that’s it! 

DIY Watercolor Mugs

I’ve decided to use mine as paint brush holders. I love them! They would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, too!

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    Stephanie R.


    These are so gorgeous! This would make great Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers too!


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