Dutch Oven Tortilla Pizza!


This has become our favorite camping and BBQ meal! It is the perfect meal for a crowd because it literally takes hardly any preparation and you can feed a huge group of people! All you need is tortillas and pizza toppings.


We used a Camp Chef to set our Dutch ovens on but you could use charcoals. Even if you are using a camp chef you will still need to get some charcoals lit and heated up.  You need to place them on top of the Dutch oven lid to create heat from the top so the pizzas will cook evenly.  Also take a little oil and rub a light coat on the bottom of the Dutch oven before cooking your first pizza.


One of the tricks that we have found works well in crowds is to use paper plates and have everyone write their names on their plates. That way when their pizza is in the Dutch oven those manning the ovens will know whose pizza is inside.


Next create your pizzas!


Then slide it off of the plate into the Dutch oven.


Replace the lid of the Dutch oven and allow it to cook for about 3-5 minutes.


When the cheese is melted and the pizza is ready slide your plate under it and pull it up onto the plate.


The pizzas come out perfect!


The tortilla bottom gets crisp on the bottom. It’s like the perfect thin crust pizza.


We did these for dinner at Girls Camp one night and the girls loved it. Try this at your next BBQ, I promise it will be a huge hit!

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