Dylan’s Nursery – Painted Puzzle Decor


One of my favorite decorations that is in Dylan’s Nursery are these simple puzzles that I painted! I came up with the idea when we moved my boys bedroom upstairs and I was trying to clean out some of the toys that had our playroom full. I love these puzzles and their look, but my boys have outgrown them.  But, puzzles are expensive and I had a really hard time thinking about getting rid of them.

Then it hit me – I’ve been painting everything else for her room, why not these puzzles?  So, that’s just what I did!

It was seriously so easy.  I just took the puzzle pieces out of the puzzles.  Sprayed the one set of the puzzle pieces yellow and the other set pink.  I probably did 4 thin coats on each piece.  Then for the puzzle bases I just sprayed them a solid orange.  I didn’t even both spraying the underneath side of the puzzle pieces.

It seriously took me a total of 30 minutes to do the 4 coats and allow them some dry time before bringing them in the house.  So easy, right?!?




Pretty fun I think!  I even think painting a shape puzzle really fun and hanging it on a wall would be so awesome!  I can’t wait to try another version of this in the near future!

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