Educational Gift Ideas for Kids

Great Educational Gift Ideas for Kids ||

Hey friends! It’s time to start our Christmas shopping! Each year I try to choose something eductional to get my kids and we’ve had fun in the past with the gifts I’ve got my kiddos! And, I’m already searching for something fun to get them for this upcoming Christmas! So, today I’m going to share with you some fun ideas of Educational Themed Gift ideas for Kids!

Solar System Planetarium:


My oldest has just become interested in the Solar System! I’ve been researching some ideas and I’ve decided on this fun Solar System Planetarium 

We are big fans of! In fact I wrote an entire post about ABC Mouse way back in 2012! Which now as I’m typing this make more realize that article could probably use some updating, because their site has tons of updates and new features! All 3 of my kids have spent hours and hours having fun and learning from all their educational gifts!

The cool part of ABC Mouse is that it tracks your kids progress and grows with them! They can follow the Learning Path which will take them through a variation of fun lessons on their level. Or, they can play explore other areas of the program that allows them to choose their activity. This ensures that your kids won’t get bored and stay having fun, while learning all at the same time!

Gift a year membership to your kids this Christmas! They generally have some great deals around the holiday too! Check them out here –!


Great Educational Gift Ideas for Kids ||

One of the best toys I’ve invested in are Magformers! We’ve invested a lot of money into building up a big set, but guess what? There’s a knock-off brand that looks identical and is 1/2 the price!

So here are are the original Magformers!

And here are the Amosting Magnetic Building Tiles!

Snap Circuits:


My nephews have this Snap Circuits set and my boys have LOVED playing with it! They’ve created some way cool stuff with the help of the different project cards that come with it – like a radio and a burglar alarm! It helps them learn about electronics and the science of power! 

Learning Resources – Super Magnet Lab


We got this fun magnet set for our boys last year and they’ve had such a blast with it! It comes with enough stuff for multiple kids to play with and helps teach them about magnetic force!

Little Passports

Kids Educational Gift Ideas |

Give the gift of adventure with Little Passports this holiday season! Little Passports is a BLAST! With Little  Passports you choose a subscription based on your childs age. Then each month they get a package that helps them explore something new!

For example, my boys are 6 and 8. So, they subscribe to the World Explorers. Each month they get a package with activities that help them explore a new Country! It really is a blast!

Check out the subscriptions available for your kid here – Little Passports!

Magic School Bus – Microscope Lab


There are actually TONS of these awesome Magic School bus kits! My boys loved this Microscope Lab Kit one where they got to look at slides with specimens using a microscope. They get to record their observations in the fun Date Book that comes with it too. Be sure and check out the other kits:

Chemistry Lab
Jumping into Electricity
Blasting off with Volcanoes
Engineering Lab
Journey into the Human Body
The World of Germs
Space Lab
Growing Crazy Crystals

and there are even more!!



Kids Educational Gift Ideas |

Does your little one prefer hands-on learning? Then KiwiCrate might be just what they want! KiwiCrate is supporting the STEAM program. 

S= Science
T= Technology
E= Engineering
A= Art
M= Math

KiwiCrate has created an engaging way for kids to have fun and learn! They have different boxes for the different age groups! With a subscription they receive a box full of fun each month in the mail!


Robotic Arm


Our neighbor has gotten her son a couple of these robotic kits and he loves them! My kids love learning to control them and they’ve each asked for one for Christmas! You get to built them from scratch and then learn how to control them to do things that you want them to do! He has even taught his robotic arm to write! This set has great reviews, so I think I’m going to get my oldest it!


Laser Maze


We learned about this fun game/activity, Laser Maze, a few years ago when they had it on display at a local learning toy store! We grabbed it thinking the kids would love it, but honestly me and my husband loved it more! haha! But, now that the boys are getting older, they’ve used it plenty! 


Zoob Builder Toys


We learned about the Zoob Builderz a few years ago from my friend Lisa! I got them for my boys that Christmas and they’re still a regular played with toy at our house! You can built the most cool stuff with them! They have normal Zoobs or Zoob Jr. for younger kids! 


I hope this gave you some great ideas for your little learners! If you have any great suggestions of toys your kids have loved, please leave me a comment! I’d love to check them out! 

Happy Holidays!

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    YES, That is very good ideas for children development .And Solar System Planetarium: is very useful for children brain Growth.
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    Love these ideas. I’m always thinking of toys and apps that will help with my child’s development. I think that ABCMouse is also great and we use it as well. Thanks for sharing this.


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