Elf on the Shelf Pre-K Pack Expansion


Here is the Elf on the Shelf Pre-K Expansion Pack!  This is the Expansion Pack to the Elf on the Shelf Pre-K Pack!  

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These learning activities are more challenging than those that are in our basic Pre-K Packs!  I create the Expansion Packs for my 4 year old.  To help him with mostly letter and number writing practice!  Enjoy!

In this pack is:

Letter Maze

Character Word Tracing

Character Letter Tracing

 1-10 Number Tracing

Do-A Dot/Magnet Sheets


This is meant to go along with our Elf on the Shelf Pre-K Pack for those who have not already checked it out!  It’s great for ages 2-5!


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Ready for some help this Elf Season? Then you need the Ultimate Christmas Elf Book of Ideas - 25+ Printables and Ideas for just $4.99!!

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Pam Dana

I am a wife and mom that is over the moon for family, traditions and fun! I love to share lots of printables, DIY's, kids activities and my families favorite recipes! I am married to my husband, Scott, and we have 3 beautiful children and together they are my world!

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  • comment_avatar

    Toni C


    These packets are fantastic, thank you! I nanny for an almost 4 year old and don’t make much money. These free packs are such a blessing to helping her learn.

    One question, is there any way to get the Rr letter maze updated? It still shows the Ee maze.

    Thank you again!


  • comment_avatar

    Jennifer Martin


    Thank you for sharing all of this! These are amazing. 🙂


  • comment_avatar

    Krista Koster Lee


    I tried to comment before, but I don’t think it went through. If 2 show up later, I’m sorry!

    Thank you so much for this! My 4 year old daughter just did Elf on the Shelf as her first Pre-K Pack, and LOVED it, but is definitely ready for a little more challenge, so perfect timing!

    One thing, I think the directions on the letter maze are incorrect. It says to follow the Rr’s to Rudolph, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Ee’s 🙂

    Thanks again!


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