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Free Printable Minecraft Valentines in Pink – All New Sayings!

Pink minecraft button

I might be a little obsessed with Minecraft Valentines this year! But seriously there are so many fun and clever sayings that go with the game. I also had no idea that girls were such fans of the game since I only have boys! So in honor of those super cool girls I made a whole new set of sayings and this time I did them pink!

free minecraft valentines

You can download both the Creeper Candy Wrappers in pink and the new Valentine cards in the post. The candy wrappers are made for mini Hershey’s bars and you can see how to use the candy bar wrappers here.

creeper wrappers pink

 Cant get enough? Check out our other set of Minecraft Valentines here:

minecraft button



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  • These are stinking awesome!!! I’m definitely using these for my daughter this year.

  • Megan

    Can you make these sayings in the green?!? Love this!

  • Julie

    The .jpeg for the Pink one is not working. Can you fix or email?

    • johnlisa02


      • Julie

        Thank you so much! Love your work!

  • Amy

    These are so awesome! My daughter is going to love the pink ones and my boys the green ones! Thanks so much!

  • MB Schaeffer

    Thank you soooooo much! My daughter was desperate for Minecraft Valentines this year.. I’m so happy I found these.. and free even! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  • Malinda Case

    I used a set for my son & daughter! Thanks

  • Annie

    Hello I can get the green ones to print but not the pink ones. They won’t save the same way as the others. Thanks so much these are so awesome!!

  • Tawnyp69

    I would love to have JPG version of the green valentines. The green wrappers have a link. the valentines with JPG are pink not grenn. Only ones with JPG are pink.

    • overthebigmoon

      You have to click one of the links within the post to go to the Green Minecraft Valentines. In that post there are the links for all the downloads you are looking for. Click here to go to that post! Thanks so much!

  • Runnergal

    my kids LOVE these!! There are definitely going to be this years Valentine!! Thank you!!

  • Meg

    Wonderful idea thanks so much for sharing!! Where is the green template, there is only a download available for the pink minecraft valentines..

    • overthebigmoon

      It’s linked several times within the post! You can either click the big picture at the bottom of the post or click here! So glad you like them!

  • Krystal

    THANK YOU!! My kids love them. All 3 are using them for their classes.

  • Kelly L

    thank you so much for these!! My almost 8yo was so excited when I told him id found Minecraft valentines!! YOU ROCK!!

  • Angelina B

    Thank you for these! My kids were ecstatic when I showed them what we were doing for Valentine’s this year!!

  • AFetro

    Thank you so much for posting these valentines! Both my kids love Minecraft!

  • Michelle Wimp

    thank you so much! I’m doing the green for a creeper and the pink for a pig! he luvs luvs luvs these – he cant wait to hand them out!

  • Shannon Carpenter Rhoades

    What kind of paper did you use to print the valentine’s on? I bought cardstock, but it keeps getting jammed in my printer 🙁

    • We use card stock. In my printer I have to load them one page at a time through the front tray. I can’t put them in the paper tray or they will jam. Hope you can get them to work! Good luck!

  • Violet Sugar

    Yes, I agree great site, Minecraft Valentines are awesome! My daughter loves them, and its something we can work on together!

  • paulamoserdrew

    Thank you! I made these today for my son to take on Friday!

  • Kat Conner

    I am handing these out to my 75 Minecrafft obsessed 5th grade students for Valentines Day. (and my fourth grade daughter and 5th grade son want these insteadd of store bought Valentines!) Thank you so much. They are perfect.

  • Paula

    Thanks so much! These are great and a super activity for the snowy day that we have here. Just an FYI, I used manila file folders cut down to 8 x 11 for a sturdy valentine card stock 🙂

  • Amy | The Happy Scraps

    These are so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicki

    Both of my sons will love these, to be fair I printed pink and green! Thank you so much, how clever!!

  • Tracey

    How adorable! I just printed these and my daughter is going to go full nuts when she sees them! We’ll put them together just in time for her Girl Scout meeting tomorrow, and then we’ll make more for her class party this week! Thanks! =)

  • Candace Castillo

    Thank you for sharing! We used both the green and pink and loved them.