Grilled Asparagus


We love to use your BBQ!   Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies and my favorite way to eat it is GRILLED!  If you haven’t already tried grilling your Asparagus, then you need to buy it this week and try it!  For real!

Here is what you need:




Lawry’s Seasoned Salt


 Start by layering: Bacon, Asparagus, Seasoning, Onion, Bacon.  Then season with Lawry’s Season Salt.


I then like to double wrap it with the ability to open and close the foil like it is in the above picture.  This way you can check on the asparagus and cook it however long you want!  We personally like a softer asparagus, but I know a lot of people like a crispy asaparagus!


Tah-dah!  All done and yummy looking!


I like to use a large spatula to place it on the plate, just like it was in the foil!  Presents well, right?

ENJOY and Happy Grilling!

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Pam Dana

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