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Hello my friends. It is a new month. Can you believe it? Time is flying by and it will be a new year before we know it. Like many of you this is my favorite time of year! I love the smells, family, music, and of course the food. This month is also a time I always reflect on the things that I am most thankful for.


HAITI- 11 years ago my family embarked in an adventure that would change us forever. It started with my single mom deciding that she wanted to humble her 3 crazy girls. What she didn’t realize was that every single one of our lives would be altered because of her decision. Not only did it produce a drive in me for humanitarian work, but created a new relationship with my God and myself that helped in forming who I am today. I would like to tell you a story that touched my soul and I hope will touch yours as well. As we walked into a little tiny house in the hot heat of Haiti I remember having one thought, “I am so blessed!” The first thing that greeted us were flies. Tons and tons of flies everywhere. I am sure that our stinky sweaty bodies didn’t help any. The second thing was the smell. Haitians live on mounds of garbage and I am not stretching the truth. The third thing and the most important thing was a line of little black faces looking up at us with blank stares. You see, a lot of these orphan children are never picked up. They are never cuddled and they are never told that they are loved or special. It confirmed to me the statement, “YOU CAN DIE WITHOUT LOVE.”. Love is like air and water, and just like a plant, you can shrivel up without it. We all swarmed in like the flies that we had just walked through and grabbed those babies and little kids up as fast as we could. We sang, we danced, we laughed, and we cried. Then it was meal time, and as I walked down the hall to the kitchen I stopped in the little rooms to have a look and what I saw was shocking. Little tiny bunk beds and cribs everywhere without mattresses. Wire frames with dirty blankets and no pillows. I wanted to literally come out of my skin at this point, but choked back my sobs and got down to my job at hand. That day we brought in all our own food. Rice, beans and dry milk. The kids are fed once a day, if they have food. We watched and fed as these precious souls gulp down cup after cup of milk only to throw it up because they had not had anything in their stomachs for so long.

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What does this have to do with healthy living you ask? EVERYTHING FOR ME!!! My relationship with food completely changed after that first experience in Haiti and every year I have gone there since. I am so thankful for food. I am thankful we have an abundance of any food we desire. I am thankful that we have so much knowledge at our fingertips. Recipes, nutritional facts, vitamins, gluten-free, lactose free and the list goes on and on. We can drink water any time we want and it is clean. We have a choose of whether or not we want to be healthy. We can decide what we want to feed our bodies.


I have been so excited to announce the winner of the Keg set. AND THE WINNER IS…… TING TING

-Ting Ting
Kale, it is definitely my weekly dietary intake. It is definitely a SUPER food. I love it! Kale smoothie, kale salad, kale everything.Please email me your info at amiedunsey@yahoo.com and I will send it right out.
Can’t wait until next months post. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Much love, Amie
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