He Is Risen Printable Easter Banner

Hey all!  This is Sara from Twelve On Main.  I am back today with a real sweet He Is Risen Printable Easter banner. If you have checked out my blog before, you would have seen that I am slightly obsessed with neutral and serene decor. I do love to decorate for the holidays, but I like to be able to have the holiday decor integrate seamlessly into the rest of my design. I have created this Easter banner in the hopes that it is something that you could hang anywhere in your home.  

Free Printable Easter Banner

The great thing about this printable banner is that you can print off the banner and then customize it with another paper on the back. This is what I did. I stayed with the neutral, but you could use any paper imaginable, patterned, bright, bold, or soft and toned down. 

Supplies Needed:

  • copy or card stock paper
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • glue
  • hole punch
  • Jute twine

This is such an easy printable banner, I hope you will try it out.  The first thing to do: print out the banner.  I have provided you the link to this banner letters. I used my paper cutter to cut them out, but scissors would work just as well. You can use regular copy paper or card stock if you want to keep it even easier.

Once all the words are cut out, I glued them to some brown card stock I had in my scrapbook supplies.

printable easter banner

Using my paper cutter makes a really easy and quick job of cutting them out.  

Printable Easter Banner

Here, I have them all glued and trimmed. I have a weakness for black and white, I tell you. 

Printable Easter Banner

The next step is to use my hole punch to crate the holes for the twine to slide through. I punched two holes in the tops of each letter.

Printable Easter Banner

Feed the twine through the holes. Slide one letter on at a time. Leave plenty of twine at either end of the words to give you something to hang it with. 

Printable Easter Banner

Once you have fed the twine through them all, you are ready to hang and arrange them!

I decided to hang my Easter banner on my large chalkboard wall in my dining room. I love having a little reminder everyday while I am eating with my family about what Easter is all about. I think adding little touches around the house to remind us of what our Brother did for us is an important part of helping us from day to day.  He.  Is.  Risen.  

easter banner2


Print these off to make your own Easter banner.

easter printable download


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    Leah D Everson


    Thanks for the printable! I’ve been using banners for everything this past year and I love them. This is perfect.


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