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Spring is here and we’re excited! The only problem is…. that we were not ready! Until earlier this week our garage still looked like it was in winter mode! There was sleds, snow shovels and snow brick makers still lying around. Not to mention that amount of dirt that had compiled in there was disgusting! The kids could barely get their bikes in and out of the garage! It was awful! We needed a major garage clean out and we needed to put together a kids garage area for all their stuff that was laying around with no home!

One of the major issues was the kid stuff was spread all over the place! We had chalk and squirt guns stuffed in a drawer, along with some of garden stuff. Their baseball stuff was in an old basket in one corner of the garage. Their rock collection kit was shoved under a stool. Their basketballs just got tossed wherever they could have them land knowing they wouldn’t roll under the car. You get the point…. their stuff was all over! I mean check these before pictures out!

Of course we had some cleaning to do, but we really didn’t want to get rid of anything, we just needed to find it a home! I started by pulling almost everything out of the garage and sweeping all the dirt up. I also decided to give the drywall a quick coat of paint. The unfinished garages up here in Northern Utah drove me nuts! Then we decided on the highly rated Gladiator GarageWorks Premier Series Tall Gearbox. We knew it would give us the cabinet space we needed, so that we could keep everything we wanted and keep things nicer than just throwing everything on the ground!

Gladiator GarageWorks’ products are durable, highly rated and built to last, And they’re designed for the extreme environment of the garage (and my kids-hehe)! If you want to look more into them then feel free to head over to their website!

It was so amazing how everything fit right in it with the help of a few bins!

On the top I put the kids helmets, jumprope and the Rock Collection Kits we made last year!

On the top 2nd shelf we put the squirt guns and sidewalk chalk!

On the 3rd shelf I put our Slamball, water balloon filler ups and a bin of all the baseball stuff!

And all the basketballs worked perfect on the bottom, because it was inset downward a little! So, there is no way they’ll roll out!! The cabinet did have the option of being on really high quality wheels, but we decided to leave them off, to leave more space above it!

I already had a bike and scooter stand that we built a few years ago. It worked perfect to the left of our Gladiator GarageWorks Cabinet!

The only problem is we have some other fun kids toys that didn’t fit in the stand! For our additional kids riders, we got some hooks and decided to hang them above the bikes and scooters! And, to make the bike and scooter stand more roomy, we decided to keep my husbands bike hanging. He doesn’t ride it super often!

We also had some tall toys and baseball bats and they fit perfectly in-between the garage wall and storage cabinet! 

I also put the water jug that I use for my Kids Water Station on top of the cabinet! You can check out my Kids Water Station along with other ways I save money during the summer HERE!

All and all I’m super excited with how the area of my garage turned out! And the kids LOVE it! They know right where everything is and have been great and keeping it clean!

I also have loved all the room that I free’d up around the garage by getting all this stuff out of the way! We were able to make our entire garage more functional!

I did want to note that I decided to keep our grass toys in the backyard in our toy pin. Toys such as soccer ball, tramp balls and cones!

For more organizational and Spring cleaning ideas be sure and check out Gladiator GarageWorks Facebook and Gladiator GarageWorks website! Have a great day friends!

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