Primary Idol!

Primary Idol Poster button Each Sunday my responsibility at church is to teach music to the Primary children. It is so much fun! Its ironic that I enjoy it considering I cant sing, cant read music, and can hardly lead music…but we do have fun 🙂 Each year we do a program with set songs we have learned throughout the year. Last year a couple of weeks before the big program I wanted a fun way to review the songs. I came up with the idea to do something like American Idol but changed it to Primary Idol. I made a quick poster to put on the board and asked 3 adults in church to come in and be our judges. They were awesome and totally got into the personalities of the real judges!

The way our competition worked was each class got up and drew one of the songs we were practicing from a bag. Then they had to sing the song for the rest of the primary. After they were done the judges would give their comments. At the end the judges picked a class that won. I also had made stickers that said, “I was the winner of Primary Idol.”


I printed mine on Diskette Labels that are 15 to a sheet.

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    Just found this idea through Pinterest, sounds like something I may do this year (it’s my second year as Primary Chorister). Thanks for the great idea!


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    Trudy Hibler


    What a fabulous idea! I served as Primary chorister for several years many, many years ago which was also ironic considering my absolute lack of musical skill. But I think that gives people like you and me an advantage…we know what we can’t do (sing well, play an instrument, etc) so we get more creative with what we CAN do! Sounds like you found a terrific way to review those songs using the creative skills you were blessed with.


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