Salt Painting

Summer is starting to drag a little here and we needed something to kick our boredom this last weekend so we tried salt painting. It is a little messy but with a little freezer paper down it helps contain the mess.

salt painting20

All you need is watercolors, Elmers glue, and lots of salt.

salt painting22

First paint your design in glue.

salt painting25

When your design is done, cover it in salt.

salt painting23

We let it dry for a few minutes with the salt on and then gently tilted it to knock the excess salt off.

salt painting24

Then comes the fun part – the painting!

salt painting26

You don’t paint it like normal. You get the color on the end of the brush and then gently touch the salt and the paint will kind of run on its own.

salt painting27

The colors are so vibrant and the boys loved watching it run.

salt painting29

Then allow it to dry. Unfortunately the creations are fun to look at but they don’t last once they dry. The kids still loved it they definitely and want to do it again!

salt painting30

salt painting31


salt painting13


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    Kristen Cenci


    How neat. I remember putting down salt on wet watercolors to add texture. But never anything like this.


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