Sing Like Angry Birds!

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I came up with this fun game for Sunday Singing time in Primary. I took a square box and printed pictures of Angry Birds for each side. I cut them to square sized and then taped them to the sides of the box. Then I wrote different ways to sing based off of the bird in the game.

Here were our birds and ways to sing:

Blue Bird – Boys sing

Red Bird – Girls sing

Yellow Bird – Sing Fast

Orange Bird – Crescendo

Black Bird – Staccato

White Bird – Kids only

I had the kids roll the box like a dice and whichever side faced up was how we sang our song. It was great way to practice because we sang our song over and over but it was still fun! Beckham really loves this dice so we use it at home now to sing songs around the house!

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    Suzanne Lucas


    I just saw this on my Pinterest board and I wanted to come back and say thanks again. We do this at least once a month in singing time and the kids would do it every week if I let them. I need to make a new one because it’s so worn out.

    Thanks again!


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    Suzanne Lucas


    I used this idea for singing time. The senior primary kids loved it so much that they begged me to do it the following week as well. Funny thing–our pianist didn’t know what Angry Birds were! She wasn’t familiar with the game. All the kids knew though.


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