Smoked Paprika Vegetable Medley

Its summer here in Southern Utah which means my garden is producing…especially zucchini! It doesn’t take a lot to grow zucchini here and it can actually become a little overwhelming! This recipe is one my parents discovered and is the most amazing way to eat vegetables ever! Like so good you want to skip the main course and we fight over the seconds!


The secret is Smoked Paprika! It can be found in the spice aisle and it has quickly become our favorite seasoning. Holy cow try it in potato salad! Amazing! It gives the best flavor ever!

For this vegetable medley you can use whatever you have in your refrigerator! Our favorites to put in are:


Yellow squash


Thinly sliced red potatoes (slice them really thin so they cook fast enough and get a little crispy)

Bell Peppers


Green Beans

You could really throw anything in that you have! We have also done broccoli, tomatoes, and corn.

Place chopped vegetables in a disposable foil baking pan . We reuse ours but we like these pans because they work really well on the grill. You can do these in the oven and it works just as good using a glass 9×13 pan.


Drizzle the top of the vegetables with olive oil. We probably use 2 Tbsp. or so. Season with garlic salt, Lawry’s seasoning salt, pepper, and a good dose of smoked paprika. I don’t really measure I just sprinkle a layer on the vegetables and then stir it. Then I do another dose on the top and stir again. Then I do 1 more dose and place the pan on the BBQ. Allow it to grill on low with the lid closed for about 5-10  minutes and then stir. Every BBQ cooks differently so judge how quickly they are cooking on yours and adjust as needed. The bottom will cook faster so you have to mix them. We let them cook until the the potatoes are cooked all the way through and they are just starting to get a little blackened.


Even the boys look forward to vegetables when we cook them like this!



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    This looks absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to try this tonight.


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