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St. Patty’s Decor

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I wanted to share a few fun projects I’ve finished the last few weeks!  I wanted to add some St. Patrick’s Day decor to my rotation this year.  In the past, I’ve just gone from Valentine’s to Spring Decor.  Initially I struggled, cause St. Patty’s decor can be a bit cheesy.  I came up with some fun stuff though and I think it turned out simple and fun!

The first thing I decided was that I wanted to do a canvas project.  I’ve had some canvases in my closet for a while that needed to be used and I’ve been wanting to try a little painting project.  My friend, Jessica, came over from across the street and we just jumped into the project, with very little direction.  We learned a lot of things… figured out tons of easier ways (haha).. but all and all they still turned out pretty fun.  The shamrocks I bought in a pack at Michaels and then I just hot glued them on!  I printed the Lucky Printable from Mom on Time Out!  It’s probably my favorite St. Patrick’s Day printable I’ve seen this year!


Then, I originally thought I was going to make a split pea wreath after I saw a pin from That Red Headed Step Child, but then I realized I needed something for on top of my candle sticks.  I had an extra hot glue to attach the split peas. It was easy and didn’t take all that long!  I love how they turned out too!  They are easily going to be something I can pull out several times throughout the year for several seasons/holidays!  For the 2nd ball, I knew I wanted it a little smaller.  So, I actually ended up using tin foil to make my own ball.  It worked really good and I’m super excited about this new discovery.  Now I can customize whatever size ball I want, whenever!

I also had a few boards in my garage, so I spray painted one using Krylon’s Ivy Leaf Spray Paint and applied  a simple vinyl, that reads “Lucky Us” to it!


For my fireplace mantel, I again, kept it pretty simple.  I printed our St. Patrick’s Day Bunting and then I spray painted some beans to arrange them in a vase.  I also swapped around some vases, to bring the green vase to the mantel!


All I did in the kitchen was put up this cute board that I purchased from Lori at You’ve Been Framed!  I loved the finish she put on the wood!


Then of course on the kitchen table, I turned to Eighteen 25!  They always have adorable Subway Prints!


Pam Dana

I am a wife and mom that is over the moon for family, traditions and fun! I love to share lots of printables, DIY's, kids activities and my families favorite recipes! I am married to my husband, Scott, and we have 3 beautiful children and together they are my world!

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    six sisters


    These are super cute ideas. We are so glad that you linked up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Hope you’ll be back next week! -The Sisters


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    I love this project. I hope you will stop by and link up to my St. Patty’s Day Project Parade.


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    Samm Spangler


    So Super Cute! Loving the decor! Great job!

    Samm @ LittleHouseintheBigD.com


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