Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Idea and Free Printable

Today starts the beginning of one my favorite weeks of the year! Its Teacher Appreciation Week! If you forgot, no worries I’ve got you covered today with an easy idea that you can put together fast but will still show your teachers how much you care! Our teachers work so hard and I really want them to know how much we love and appreciate them.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Card

I am so excited to share the idea that our class put together for our teachers this year! Most teachers I have talked to say that gift cards are their favorite gift. I wanted to create a tag and gift that would go with gift cards. It was super easy for parents too!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Pikle Bag

First we got a Pikle bag for them. It is like a wallet but has everything you would ever need in it! Then we asked parents to donate gift cards. We put the cards in all the pockets until it was stuffed full!

Gift cards for Teachers

We had so many parents give cards that in the end we couldn’t get it shut! We left the amount and place up to each family and it was awesome to see the variety we got!

Gift cards for Teachers in a bag

I had a few other ideas of how you could use this tag. You could  use a cute wallet to put the cards in

Teacher Appreciation Wallet

Teachers appreciation cards

wallet for teachers

I also made it so that it  can be folded into a card if you are doing it as an individual gift for a teacher.

teacher appreciation Gift card holder

In order to get the card to print right, first print the front of the card. When the card comes out of the printer pick it up exactly as it is and feed it back into the paper tray.

printing double sided

Then print the second side. At that point you can cut it in half, fold it, and adhere the gift card.

Teacher Appreciation IdeaNow go and show your teachers some love this week!


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    I can’t get the free download! Wanted to give this tomorrow. HELP!


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    What a great idea, Lisa! I love this and wish we had Teacher Appreciation Week in Australia!


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      Becca Goodrich


      You still could use the idea. Just do it for birthdays, Christmas, the end or beginning of school.


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    This is so adorable Lisa! I seriously can’t get over how thoughtful and fun this is! Thanks for sharing.


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