Window Planters

We have window boxes in two of our front windows. I originally had them in a coconut liner but with how hot it is here in Southern Utah it dried out too fast. It also wore through faster than I wanted. I didn’t want to have to replace it each year. I decided to try clay pots and I have loved it!

I had to make sure I could fit the pots in first with their bottom trays so the water would not run everywhere.


Next I bought my flowers and got them organized into which pot I wanted them in.


When doing a window box you want to make sure you have some flowers with height, some that are good fillers, and some that will spill over. I find the easiest way to plant is to do it right in the bag. Much less messy that way! Just fold the bag down at the top, put the pot in, and fill around it.





Make sure you push down good around the plant when you have the dirt all in. Then give it a good a watering.



I really love the look of the terra-cotta pots! I also fill my wheelbarrow each spring. This wheelbarrow is from our family cabin on Lake Cavanaugh in Washington State. The wheelbarrow belonged to my Grandpa Lew and when it was too broken to be used anymore I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and lugged it around until I could actually plant something in it. This spring I added something in the middle for height and then planted flowers around it.


Here is how it looks now a couple of months later.



It’s not one of its best years. Check out how it looked a couple of years ago!


Each year is an experiment and I love to see how things grow in! Look how darling my little Caleb was at the time! He was so little!


It’s amazing how time and the seasons fly by!


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