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5 Tips to Installing a Tile Backsplash

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Recently we’ve overhauled the main part of our house!  We had an unfortunate leak from our dishwasher that required us to replace floors and somehow that turned into also painting, new appliances, new carpet and a new tile backsplash!  The tile backsplash added SO much charm and style to our kitchen and it was fairly inexpensive! Here are 5 Tips to Installing a Tile Backplash that I learned along the way!


Don’t assume that your local hardware store has the best price!  I was shocked to find that many websites were much better priced!  They often times are discontinuing a line and will have savings of 50% or more!  Also, in your local stores, be sure and check the discount areas.  They will sell “leftover” amounts for discounted as well.  And, depending on your kitchen backsplash size, they may work!


We didn’t really know what we were doing, but I wish I had take more time to plan it all out.  As a major fan of DIY I am constantly trying to measure things by myself. There is nothing more frustrating that trying to hold a long tape measure straight while being 20 feet away! I used the Bosch GLM 15 laser measure to get super easy and accurate readings all by myself.


It’s simple – you just have to stand in one spot and point the laser to the space you want to get your measurement!


Measure the length and width of the backsplash area. Determine the square footage by multiplying the length times the width. Wall tiles are typically available in 4 1/4 inch to 6 inch squares. So, you’ll want to have an idea of what back splash you are wanting, before trying to determine how much tile you’ll need.


Before starting, wash all the walls with warm soapy water.  Allow them to dry completly.  Make sure the wall is firm enough to support the tile.  If it’s at all wet, it may not be able to support the tile and it will rip the wall surface off.


We learned this the hard way.  When applying and cleaning the grout, work on a 45 degree angle.  We pulled some grout out when cleaning and had to go back and fix those areas.

We found a great tutorial over at This Old House that may be of help too!



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  • I need one of those! This would make a great gift for my hubby too. He is so hard to buy for! And then I could get him to work on our kitchen 🙂

  • I definitely have to get one of those to measure things! Don’t know how many times I could have used that already and ended up frustrated because I didn’t have one, lol!

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