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Article of Faith Memorization Printable Cards

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A few months ago I put together these fun Articles of Faith Memorization Printable Cards for my Activity Days Girls! I’ve since been called to teach primary to the kids that are turning 8 and we’ve been using them in class too! Such a fun way to help the kids become more familiar with the Articles of Faith!

There are two downloads below – one for the fronts of the cards and one for the backs of the cards. Each download is a 2 page download. So, when you print the document you’ll print your page front and back. That way the cards are two sided!


After I print the pages I ran them through my affordable home laminator! Then I cut the cards out! You could cut the cards first and place them individually into the laminating sheets and then cut all around them too. Which ever way you prefer!

After I had them all cut, I punched a hole in the upper corner of the cards. Make sure you have the same side of the cards facing forward when you punch the holes! Otherwise they won’t all go on the ring right.

Lastly, put them all on a ring! That way your kids can easily grab them off their night stand to practice or to take them to church to practice during Sacrament Meeting!



In order to print a complete set of the Articles of Faith cards, you’ll need to download both links below!  One of for the fronts of the cards and one is for the backs!  

I hope these come in handy can help your kids learn their Articles of Faith!  Have a great weekend!

Articles of Faith-Button

Pam Dana

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  • Stephanie Gillenwater

    I love these and want to use them for my Activity Days girls. Whenever I click on it to download them it says that there is an error. I am wondering if I can still have you send me the document or not. Maybe to my email address?

  • Is there any way to get the downloads for the articles of faith. its not working and I see other people have had this trouble too. let me know thank you. These are perfect

  • These are exactly what I was looking for to help my daughter learn the AoF, but the links don’t work anymore. Do you still have them available to print?

  • Hello!

    Thank you for these very cute cards! They were a hit with my Activity Day girls. We just noticed a few mistakes: Article of Faith #7, please remove the word “fit,” and replace it with “gift.” Article of Faith #8, please remove the word “in” where it says “We believe “in” the Bible to be the word of God. Article of Faith #13 after the word Paul, it should read, “We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured “many” things, and hope to be able to endure all things.”

    Thank you so much!!
    Julie Beeson

  • I would love to use these for my Activity Day girls but, I have downloaded the app and then it dosen’t take me to where I can download them. It just goes back to your website. Am I missing something? I was really hoping to get them today. Thanks!!

  • Hi! Link is not working. Could you please email it to me if possible? Love this idea of memorizing the Articles of Faith!!

  • This is perfect for helping my Activity Days girls to memorize these for Faith in God. But the link is not working. Is there another way to access the files? Thank you so much.

  • Can you send me good links to these downloads? They look awesome and I’d like to use them to help my daughter learn the AoF. She took her huge Triple Combination on the school bus today and so I want to get her something small. Thanks!

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