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Previous author of Over the Big Moon. I shared my passion for home and family life! I love graphic design, DIY projects, cooking, and working in my garden! My favorite role is taking care of my husband and our 3 amazing and busy boys!

*** UPDATED – Ive made an updated list for 2012 that can be found here. Every summer I have great intentions of doing tons of cool and fun things with my boys… before I ever get organized the summer is almost over. This year I decided to make a jar of 50 things we can […]

We were in California for Mother’s Day this year and my boys came home from our church Primary with the cutest Mother’s Day present ever! This awesome idea is from Sofia’s Primary Ideas. It was a lunch bag that had a tag like this one:   In the bag I found a instructions and a Do […]

I have tried many cleaning methods and so far none of them have worked very well for me. I decided to make myself my own little chore chart then I laminated it and posted it on my fridge. Now each day I have just a couple of things to do and its easy to keep […]

We invited the kids in our neighbohood to come over for a bike wash. I had a bucket with a bunch of sponges cut in half in soapy water for them to use to clean their bikes. The kids had a blast and the summer winds down with clean bikes. Success all around!

First off was to get our coat rack under control! I made an initial for each hook so everyone can have a place to hang their jacket. I also had two hanging frames next to our big mirror in the entry way that needed to be freshened up. My Mom had a framed arrangement of […]

Marking Toys

My Mom was the best organizer the world has ever known! No joke. She had a gift for finding easy ways to make things work better. She was so creative and ingenious! I got this trick from her. If you are a Mom of boys like I am you probably own about a million Hot […]

Now that our house is all organized I am determined to  keep it clean! I decided it was time to have the boys start  doing chores around our house too. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to our house!   Our mirrors, counters, and windows are clean ALL OF THE TIME! […]

Do you ever feel your house is organized but your organization was disorganized? Does that even make sense? Things in our house are organized but they aren’t working in a way to make our life run smoother. I needed to make it easier for us to keep our house clean. Its been so much fun […]

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