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Building Stackable Beds

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Today I wanted to share a lifesaving organization trick we are utilizing! We have a set of bunk beds for our older boys and until recently we had a toddler bed for Beckham. Beckham needed a new bed but I didn’t want to give up any more space in their room….so we built a roll out bed!

roll out bed3

This is one of those tutorials where you will want to do as we say, not as we did! We learned a little something along the way and hopefully we can save you from making the same mistake. Here is what you need:

roll out bed4

A note about the wheels. You do not want spinning wheels, just ones that go back and forth. If you get the ones that rotate all the way around they can get stuck working against each other. These work great and our 5 year old can get the bed in and out by himself.

The biggest consideration is if there is enough space for the bed to fit. Make sure you have enough space! First measure the height of the space you have. Then add up the measurements of your wheels, plywood, plywood for under the wheel bracing, and mattress. We had to buy a thinner mattress than a normal mattress to make it fit. Also make sure your mattress will fit lengthwise (we might have done some assuming here!)

To start, John took our sheet of plywood and chalked out the measurements of the mattress plus he added a couple of inches on each side for the trim pieces.


roll out bed5

roll out bed10

Now this is where you learn from our mistakes. My sweet hubby cut beautiful edges and trimmed the mattress out beautifully with the 2×2’s.

roll out bed7

The problem was this made it to long to fit under the bed. Yikes! That was not a happy moment! Here is how we fixed this problem.  It is way easier with less steps  and work. Instead of trimming the whole thing with 2×2 strips, just add a piece on each side of the mattress. So when you cut your plywood  you will add 4-5 inches to the width of your mattress (make sure there is room!) When you cut the height of the plywood  you just want to add 1-2 inches. The most important  thing is to measure your space since each bunk set is different.

Here is what it looks like when done the other way:

roll out bed1

It keeps the mattress in place and gives Beckham a place to pull it out from.

Now for the wheels. In order for the wheels to not poke into the mattress my hubs cut small squares from the leftover plywood.

roll out bed6

Then he measured in where he wanted them and marked them off. We wanted the wheels to be about a third of the way in on each side so that the plywood wouldn’t buckle in the middle.

roll out bed11

He made a little + where the corner of the wheel was suppose to go. Then he lined the square up with the marks, added the wheel on the top, and screwed it in. Our screws were long enough to go through the wood and secured tightly into the plywood. If you needed to save on height you could probably buy shorter screws and leave out the square plywood pieces.

roll out bed8

Here is what the wheels looked like when done.

roll out bed9

It’s the best! Its easy for him to make and saves so much space!

roll out bed2

3 boys in 1 room, no problem!


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