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Summer is here and I am ready to restock my freezer of strawberry freezer jam. Here is my favorite recipe not only because its delicious but its so easy and fast! Here is what is needed: Strawberries (or other fruit) Sugar Ball No Cook Freezer Jam with Pectin Clean and sterile freezer containers A food […]

I have a recipe that I love for Enchilada Sauce. I make a ton each summer with the tomatillos we grow but then it has to be frozen, which takes up to much space in my freezer. Last summer I had a good friend help me transform the recipe into one that can be bottled.  […]

A few weeks ago I was about to leave to take my son to preschool and my sister showed up to deliver me some strawberries I had ordered.  I had COMPLETELY forgotten that I had ordered them and that they were being delivered that day.  These were local Organic Strawberries and when they were delivered […]

We did a guest post over at Darling Doodles no too long ago and shared some canning jar topper. We wanted to share the post here with you too! I love this time of year but don’t love how many treats come to my door! Well, I do love them – that’s the problem 🙂 […]

My friend, Crystal, had a recipe for Blushing Peach Jam that we tried with all the peaches we had. It was not only delish, but pretty too! I made jar labels to put on the jars so we could give them as a fun gifts for our teachers on the first day of school this year. We […]

It’s peach time! My boys love bottled peaches and I try to do a years worth of quarts for our family each year. I had someone ask me where I get my fruit from. I get it anywhere I can that is free or nearly free. In order to make canning worth the time and the […]

I work really hard to our prepare our family and home for a natural disaster or emergency. Water storage seems to be one of our biggest problems and concerns. We just don’t have the storage. I cant remember where I heard this idea but it really has saved us. We do a lot of canning in […]

When I first started canning I was terrified of tomatoes. I heard all sorts of comments about how dangerous it was and you could kill your whole family without even knowing it! Seriously? Ridiculous! I’m not trying to make light of the importance of following safe canning procedures but it’s not as scary as people […]

Canning Applesauce

Pin It Lisa actually showed me how to can applesauce about 2 1/2 years ago!  I not only fell in love with homemade applesauce at this time, but I fell in love with canning!  This applesauce is amazing and so so good!  For all of you canning virgins…. this is a perfect recipe to try […]

I have the most AMAZING Pepper Jelly recipe. Sounds gross, I know – I promise it’s not! It’s the most delicious appetizer and so easy. Just open the jar and pour over a block of cream cheese and eat with Ritz crackers. A couple of years ago I was trying to find a neighbor gift […]

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