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Nathan has outgrown my Pre-K Chore Charts over the last year, so I decided to make him a new Summer Chore Chart to use this summer.  If this system works for him, then I’ll adapt it into a long term Chore System later in the summer that can be used all the time!  I also […]

I would love to say that my kids have escaped the entitled attitude that seems to permeate the world, but they haven’t. They want to be able to buy Legos all the time and when we go to Legoland they expect that they can but at least one souvenir. That’s an expensive habit to keep […]

Pam shared our summer reading chart yesterday. When we made them I envisioned using them a little differently for our family. I have a plan this summer to make sure my boys are getting their jobs done before they are playing. I took a blank form and wrote their names on the top and then […]

Chores….I know there are a million different ideas and methods out there already.  BUT, most of them are for older kids.  I needed an introduction to the responsibility of having chores for my Nathan, who is 3 1/2. I love Lisa’s Boys chore chart that she uses for her boys, but it still was a […]

I have tried many cleaning methods and so far none of them have worked very well for me. I decided to make myself my own little chore chart then I laminated it and posted it on my fridge. Now each day I have just a couple of things to do and its easy to keep […]

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