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A few weeks ago I finally signed up Nathan for  I have seen it advertised about 1000 times, but just never gotten around to logging on.  I was IMMEDIATELY impressed and Nathan jumped right in navigating around the website very easily.  I have been so happy with all the site has to offer and […]

Hi, I’m Lori from You’ve Been Framed and Mouse Encounter. I am a preschool teacher, blogger and most important mommy to an awesome 5 year old boy! A few weeks ago I saw this Giant Waterbed idea on Pinterest from Play at Home Mom. Raise your hand if you love Pinterest! ME,ME,ME! So, when Pam […]

Sorry this is out a bit later than I was wanting!  I have been super busy the last couple weeks and this weekend I hit a wall (and went a bit crazy) and realized I have got to slow down a bit!  So, this week I’m planning VERY little and just going to mainly have […]

We spent our weekend in CA with Grandpa and all of the cousins! Its been so fun! Sunday night we made a last minute decision and we sent Dad back to UT all by himself! That way he could focus on work for two crazy days while we have stayed and are hanging out with our cousins. Its a […]

Last year our “What do we do in the Summertime Jar” was a huge success and hit for our family. At the end of the summer I felt  like we had actually taken the time to do some fun things. The way the jar worked was each night at dinner the boys would take turns drawing a […]

I love LISTS! hehe 🙂  So, being that I didn’t ever get around to creating a Spring To-Do List, I knew I wanted to jump on getting our Summer To-Do List up!  Nathan is not even quite 4 and when he saw me putting up the Summer To-Do List the other day, he got all […]


Welcome everyone!  I have found over my few years of putting together these Pre-K Packs, that the audience is growing to as many stay at home mom’s, as much as the homeschool community!  I for one – think that is fabulous!  My boys have loved using and playing with the Pre-K Packs!  I love that […]

My friend, Nadine, is having a little Halloween Birthday Party for her son and we were talking about some of the games she is going to be playing.  While we were talking we came up with the idea of her wanting to do Pin the Tail on the Wolverine game!  So, I put together this […]

Let me start out by saying that I don’t sing, so you will have to bear with me but there are just too many fun and unique songs that need singing! We will be doing some song vlogs here on OTBM so you can hear the tunes and maybe add some new songs to your […]

Sadly we didn’t really hop a plane to Hawaii we just brought Hawaii to our home! Last week one of the summer jar activities drawn was: Plan an imaginary trip around the world, where would you want to go? Caleb immediately shouted Hawaii and off we went. In the morning the boys colored palm trees […]

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