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CTR Baptism Gift - This fun printable is the perfect gift for those special little 8 year olds getting baptized! From!

I am not even lying when I say that I get to teach the most fun age at our church!  I teach in our churches Primary, which covers the youth ages 4-11.  The class I teach is the CTR 7 class, which means it is the kids that are 7 turning 8 throughout the year.  Turning 8 […]

We had a blast at our church Girls Camp last week. One of the girls favorite activities was coloring on our tablecloth. We bought a 4 x 12-Feet Canvas Drop Cloth and a pack of sharpie markers and the girls colored all over it for 3 days. It was so fun looking that we wanted […]

Each summer I get to go to Girls camp with the girls in our church youth group ages 12-18. While at camp we leave a little treat on the girls pillows before they go to bed. We call it a tuck in treat.Here are the ones I have planned for this year! I had these […]


A few months ago I put together these fun Articles of Faith Memorization Printable Cards for my Activity Days Girls! I’ve since been called to teach primary to the kids that are turning 8 and we’ve been using them in class too! Such a fun way to help the kids become more familiar with the […]

The Semi-annual General Conference of our church is coming up on April 4-5. Anyone is welcome to listen and it can be found on For adults is a wonderful opportunity to learn but for kids it can be really long! We rounded up tons of ideas that will help keep kids happy, busy, and […]

Meet the Mormons!

We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints otherwise known as “The Mormons”. We are proud of this part of who we are! We are excited to team up with over 65+ of us strong… to extend an invitation to see a film. A film entitled “Meet The Mormons”. This film […]

I do singing time for Primary at church. Its hard when you are in the middle of teaching to make sure you are choosing the helpers evenly. I prefer to use a “Pick me jar.” It is simply a jar with the kids names inside. Last time we had one of these we would put […]

Each year in Primary we teach the children songs for our annual program in the fall. I wanted to review the songs we have learned this year so far and came up with this fun idea. Its super easy! You just need the gumball machine printable here. I also had Avery color coding stickers in […]

This upcoming weekend our Church holds its semi-annual General Conference where we get to listen to the leaders of our church. I love the messages given each conference. I created some activity pages to keep my boys engaged during the sessions and wanted to share them with you too! First, a set of Bingo Cards […]

On Friday I shared our Packing list for Girls Camp as well as a bunch of ideas for leaders! Today I wanted to share a couple more things that we did that I liked. When each girl showed up to leave for camp we had a water bottle for them with their name in vinyl.  […]

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