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I am so excited to be a part of the Month of Disney with R&R Workshop. Today we will be sharing Disney Princess Silhouette prints with you. There are 12 Princess prints available. They look good as a solo print or in a grouping. Each print is in a color that represents the princess.   […]


Last month we went on a family vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth – DISNEYLAND!  It was amazing and we had such an incredible time!!  We did some major planning and prepping beforehand though!  One thing that I created was these fun Disneyland Coupons!  I knew I didn’t want my kids constantly asking for […]

As we were preparing for our last trip to Disneyland I saw this quote. It occurred to me that the best way to make the happiest place on earth more happy was to do some fun service with my boys. Because really, what is more magical than doing something nice for someone else. I created […]

One of the best parts of Disneyland is the food…it all smells and tastes so delicious. There are two reasons for this. One Disneyland pipe smells throughout the park to make you hungry. And two, you will be exercising more than you realize so its easy to work up an appetite. We definitely have some  […]

Last time we were at Disneyland the tram driver told the funniest jokes on the way to the car. My boys were laughing so hard and told me they would make good lunchbox jokes. I decided that for our trip coming up in the fall I would make a countdown with 14 great Disney jokes. […]

Headed to Disneyland? I have the best trail mix for your bag that my sister in law Kate created. This will keep your energy up, can easily be eaten in line, and most of all it fills that sweet tooth. Disney actually pipes delicious sweet smells all through the park that makes you want to […]

This is one of my favorite parts of Disneyland. There are a lot of nice rides for cooling off! Adventureland and New Orleans Square Enchanted Tiki Room – This is a fun sit down show for kids. It’s a really great place to cool off. There is one part where there is lightening and drums […]

Download Frontierland Frontierland and Critter Country!  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad– 40″, children under 7 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 14. Fun ride, fast line, fast pass available. Fantasmic! – Nighttime show on the Rivers of America. Amazing! Usually only shows on weekends. We view it best by showing up near the […]

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