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One of the best parts of Disneyland is the food…it all smells and tastes so delicious. There are two reasons for this. One Disneyland pipe smells throughout the park to make you hungry. And two, you will be exercising more than you realize so its easy to work up an appetite. We definitely have some  […]

Last time we were at Disneyland the tram driver told the funniest jokes on the way to the car. My boys were laughing so hard and told me they would make good lunchbox jokes. I decided that for our trip coming up in the fall I would make a countdown with 14 great Disney jokes. […]

Headed to Disneyland? I have the best trail mix for your bag that my sister in law Kate created. This will keep your energy up, can easily be eaten in line, and most of all it fills that sweet tooth. Disney actually pipes delicious sweet smells all through the park that makes you want to […]


I love Seattle! Like I REALLLY love it! I went every summer growing up and lived there for 3 years after I graduated college. I love the culture, the flowers, the greenery, the beach, the boats, and the restaurants! The food it to die for! We took an 8 day trip to visit our family, […]

This has become our favorite camping and BBQ meal! It is the perfect meal for a crowd because it literally takes hardly any preparation and you can feed a huge group of people! All you need is tortillas and pizza toppings. We used a Camp Chef to set our Dutch ovens on but you could […]

I love foil dinners! It’s probably half the reason I love camping so much. Cooking over a fire can be so fun and so frustrating at the same time. There is nothing worse than charcoaled meat and hard potatoes! I have been working on perfecting foil dinners for a long time and here are the […]

Last year I talked all about camping and shared my favorite fire starter ever – laundry lint! Camping season is upon us and I have improved my little lint system. The biggest complaint I had about lint is that its messy. I usually keep it in a baggie. But then I saw on Pinterest how […]

We headed out of town this weekend on a two day camping trip and it was just what I needed to get away and have fun with my family without any distractions! My hubs lamented before going that we couldn’t take ice cream with us because we couldn’t keep it cold long enough. I don’t […]

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