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We were one of the first people to move into our neighborhood which meant we had bugs – lots of them. Nasty bugs too, like black widows, cockroaches, and scorpion’s! Pest Control was not an option! But, it was expensive and it felt like it never lasted as long as we wanted. One of our […]

I’ll be honest – this year I’m not planting a garden and I’m SUPER sad about it.  I’m gonna have a new baby and I would have to prep new land to garden this year and I just didn’t have it in me.  Lisa has already started hers and I am GREEN with envy! Being […]

I am so proud of myself! This is my first start to finish project that I have made all by myself. I came up with the design by myself, cut all the wood, and did almost all of the labor by myself. I had to call the big guns in to do some of the […]

Create your Own Garden Stones from Broken Dish or China from!

We have a day in our house that we don’t talk about very much. John was helping me while I was in CA taking care of my Mom by running my Grandma Irene’s teacups and saucers to an event. Well, he was busy working and being a full time dad to Caleb and he was […]

I love to garden. I have dreams of having a  lush English rose type of garden. There is only one problem – I live in the middle of the freaking desert! I have been hanging onto an old headboard and footboard with hopes of turning it into a potting bench and I finally did it! […]

When I first started canning I was terrified of tomatoes. I heard all sorts of comments about how dangerous it was and you could kill your whole family without even knowing it! Seriously? Ridiculous! I’m not trying to make light of the importance of following safe canning procedures but it’s not as scary as people […]

I’m so happy it’s Friday!!! Today I want to share with you one of my new favorite things around our house! Last year when I would go out to my garden in the morning, I would always have to send one of my boys back in to get me a bowl for collecting what I […]

Pests Pests NASTY Pests!  They can totally ruin your garden… and fast!  Lisa has had fun over the years battling different bugs, she shared them yesterday in her Planting and Pests post! Essential Oils:  I am not shy about how much I love E.O’s!  So, I am so beyond excited to use them in my yard […]

Gardening Basics - Planting and Pests! Such great information here!!

Today we are going through the basics of planting, some tips and tricks for some specific vegetables, and also some common pests that might try to make their home in your garden. The first thing to consider is how much shade/sun your area gets and make sure you  plant the right plants accordingly. You should […]

The first and most important preparation you need to do when gardening, is prepare the soil properly.  Today I am going to share a simple guidelines.  Every city, every piece of lands soil is going to contain different properties.  So, some areas soil will need more preparation more then others.  A good garden soil has […]

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