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I am a little OCD – I like the tops and bottoms of my kids jammies to match. The problem is they are boys and they don’t care what they wear! My Mom solved this by showing me this great way to fold jammies together so that they stay put in sets. Its super easy […]

I love kids books! I have a bit of an addiction to Scholastic book orders! I just cant not resist the free $5 coupons that come each time you order online. There are some great deals and the last time I ordered books I got 8 books for $11! I do like to mark our […]

My husband has been wanting to get a Family Goals Printable in our home for a while, so he decided to design one that would compliment our Weekly Schedule 12×36 Printable.  I’m really excited about it – cause it gives us something to constantly see and reflect on.  On a day that I have open […]

We are still in CA playing and having a good time! It’s so fun to get the cousins together! But while we are away I thought I would share with you how we display our kids artwork when we are home. Are you all as overwhelmed with the amount of art and papers kids can produce as I […]

I love LISTS! hehe 🙂  So, being that I didn’t ever get around to creating a Spring To-Do List, I knew I wanted to jump on getting our Summer To-Do List up!  Nathan is not even quite 4 and when he saw me putting up the Summer To-Do List the other day, he got all […]

Southern Utah summers get really hot, so the splash pads and pools are full by lunch time!  But, they are an essential to surviving summers here!  hehe 🙂  So, we go at least 2 or 3 times a week during the hot weather months!  Being that I’ve had little boys the last few years, I […]

3 boys means close to 300 Hot Wheels! I have tried everything to keep them organized but they tend to outgrow or break their containers because of their weight. I finally have a solution that is not going to break and looks good enough to have out! I’m a happy Mama with happy boys! Its so […]

My sister, Jamie, requested a Weekly Schedule printable, to replace her Holiday to-do List in her 12×36 frame.  Lisa, was nice enough to throw one together for us! I ended up printing gone for myself and I BEYOND love it!  It’s so nice to go over my planner each week and copy it to the […]

If your Christmas was anything like ours than you probably have Lego’s everywhere! When we first started collecting Lego’s I tried keeping all of their instructions in a Manila envelope taped to the top of their Lego bin, but they were getting destroyed. I decided to use a Binder, Binder Dividers, and Clear Heavyweight Page […]

Do you ever feel your house is organized but your organization was disorganized? Does that even make sense? Things in our house are organized but they aren’t working in a way to make our life run smoother. I needed to make it easier for us to keep our house clean. Its been so much fun […]

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