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My friend’s daughter, Elisabeth, wanted to redo her room and they enlisted my help! Elisabeth has great taste and she wanted the colors coral, aqua, and gold. First we painted her walls Benjamin Moore Horizon. We wanted a light color that would allow her white furniture to pop. Since Elisabeth is only 10 years old […]

I am a novice when it comes to sewing and I have had these cute fabrics for a long time and been too afraid to do anything with them! I finally got the guts up to sew a little quilt together. I really loved rag quilts but HELLO! That is a lot of work and […]


My baby girl is 11 weeks old and until this week, had never worn a pair of shoes.  Her foot is pretty small!  I have a few ‘Newborn’ shoes and I have attempted to put them on her and they just plain look ridiculous or they’re too big for her skinny little feet and ankles! […]

Have you ever noticed that there are a million cute bikinis and ZERO modest swimsuits! Drives me crazy! My friend Carly is amazing – she just buys the cute bikini’s and transforms them into a tankini! Why this is so awesome…bikinis can be way more supportive than a regular suit, there are a million styles […]

We turned our long weekend into a Star Wars weekend! Up until this point I hadn’t let the boys watch Episode 1, 2, and 3 so we decided to watch all 6 in order (Beckham and Davis only got to watch parts of Episode 3.) It was a blast! I just cant quite keep my […]

This could be my favorite project we made with the Digital Dudz app! Just so you know – there was NO coaxing done for this video. How cool would it be as a kid to have an animated trick or treat bag! It is going to look so great out trick or treating when it’s […]

The Easter Bunny was nice enough to bring my son this cute pair of Dinosaur Jammies!  My Nathan LOVES dinosaurs – so I was super sad when I noticed he had a growth spurt and within 3 months they were high water on him. I hadn’t gotten around to packing them up and I’m so […]

I have 3 boys that all have narrow little waists and hips! In order to get swimsuits that won’t show off their little behinds when they get wet, I have to buy suits that are way to small and short. My sis in law showed me this handy little trick to cinch their suits so […]

First things first, I just have to say thank you to these two wonderful ladies at Over The Big Moon. Aren’t they amazing? I have loved following their blog and have learned so much from them. I am always excited to see what they will post next!  I am Jessica from Pretty Providence! Me and […]

I have a sweet friend at Church, Bobbie,  that was teaching a class on organizing and saving money. In her class Bobbie talked about how she had made napkins for her family when her children were growing up. It saved a lot of money since the napkins could be washed over and over. I thought it […]

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