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In all the years of decorating and organizing, somehow our master bedroom always got ignored. It turned more into a storage catch all room than a relaxing Master bedroom. A few months ago I realized how embarrassing our room really was. It was a big project with a little budget so here are some of […]

Our boys room is really small. Like so small my camera could not take pictures of it because it couldn’t fit it any part of the room in the frame (hence the iPhone pictures in this post!) I am not ready to give up my office and our playroom yet and my boys still want […]

After the major purge of my house last week I had a huge amount of stuff that I wanted to turn into cash. And we did! We made over $400!  I’ve done a lot of yard sales over the years and have picked up some tricks that really help make the most of your sale! […]

I have a confession, I am in a war against stuff! It started about a year and half ago when my husband took me to the Philippines to visit where he lived for 2 years. I had seen poverty before many times, but nothing like this. They had less “stuff” than anyone I have ever […]

I love summer! I especially love wearing cute tennis shoes or slip on’s without sandals. But I also hate the smell that comes from shoes when worn without socks. I found this secret a few years ago and it really works! Simply spray your feet with some spray deodorant/anti-perspirant and then spray the inside of […]

Caleb and Davis are both on swim team this summer. It is tons of fun, but I was a little nervous about how many goggles I might be buying because my boys can not keep track of anything! On the first day of swim team I asked the other Moms how they marked their kids […]

We were one of the first people to move into our neighborhood which meant we had bugs – lots of them. Nasty bugs too, like black widows, cockroaches, and scorpion’s! Pest Control was not an option! But, it was expensive and it felt like it never lasted as long as we wanted. One of our […]

I was fully aware that as I welcome a baby girl into our home that I was in store to learn and experience many different and new things!  I however, didn’t expect the lessons to start before she even arrived. Lesson #1- Clothing is not simple.  Everything is in a set. With boys clothing, everything […]

Most people who head to Southern California to go to a theme park are headed to Disneyland. I totally get it. I love Disneyland as you can tell from my Insiders Guide! But if you think Disneyland is all So. Cal has to offer you will be missing out! This year our family has Legoland […]

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