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About halfway though 2nd grade, Caleb started coming home from school stinking. Not like BO – more like sweaty socks. It drove me crazy because I no longer wanted to cuddle my little man. He was only in second grade! I started having him wear deodorant, but it didn’t do a whole lot because it […]

The Easter Bunny was nice enough to bring my son this cute pair of Dinosaur Jammies!  My Nathan LOVES dinosaurs – so I was super sad when I noticed he had a growth spurt and within 3 months they were high water on him. I hadn’t gotten around to packing them up and I’m so […]

Now is when I stock up for things to put in my boys Christmas Stockings! Here is a list of the items I like to stock up on: Markers Pencils Notebooks Scissors Erasers Colored Pencils Folders It really is the PERFECT time, since everything is half off or more right now! I just tuck the items […]

I have 3 boys that all have narrow little waists and hips! In order to get swimsuits that won’t show off their little behinds when they get wet, I have to buy suits that are way to small and short. My sis in law showed me this handy little trick to cinch their suits so […]

Our new Hot Wheels container has been such a hit and is surviving life with so many boys that I decided to take galvanized bucket into their room too! Let me introduce you to their new clothes hamper! Besides the fact that it will never break I am loving the fact that it wont absorb […]

I work really hard to our prepare our family and home for a natural disaster or emergency. Water storage seems to be one of our biggest problems and concerns. We just don’t have the storage. I cant remember where I heard this idea but it really has saved us. We do a lot of canning in […]

Its summer and despite all precautions I ended up with a sunburn last week. I hate trying to sleep at night when your hot and cold all at the same time! I finally had enough and got up and rubbed lavender all over me and within minutes I was back to sleep! Lavender oil really take […]

My boys love pancakes!  BUT, I hate making the pancake mess every morning.  Especially, because we had to be out of our house around 8:30 am on the mornings that Nathan had preschool.  About a year ago, I was on the phone with a friend, and I was sort of complaining about my little dilemma. […]

One of our boys is allergic to peanuts. What a sad life….I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! We tried almond butter, but he hated it. My friend, Andee, told me she found a good substitute, Biscoff Spread. I was pretty skeptical, but she gave us a jar anyway! Biscoff Spread YUM! We all love it. It kind […]

Last week we had a glimpse of summer come!  We enjoyed a few days of 80 degree weather!  I blew up the pool in the backyard, we enjoyed splash pads and I even joined the boys in running through the sprinklers one night!  The boys lived in their swimsuits for quite a few days and […]

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