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One of my favorite things to compliment my meals are Homemade Breadsticks!  I actually got the recipe from Lisa, which she got it from her SIL, Karey!  These breadsticks are EASY!  Yes, you’re using yeast, so there are a couple of rise times.  But, because they are so easy, it’s not a big deal to […]

I have a sweet friend at Church, Bobbie,  that was teaching a class on organizing and saving money. In her class Bobbie talked about how she had made napkins for her family when her children were growing up. It saved a lot of money since the napkins could be washed over and over. I thought it […]

We have had a few readers ask us what we feed our families for breakfast, so we are going to start a little series here called No More Boring Breakfasts! Printable recipes cards are available at the bottom this post. Pin It Today I am going to share 3 of my favorite breakfast recipes with you. […]

Canning Applesauce

Pin It Lisa actually showed me how to can applesauce about 2 1/2 years ago!  I not only fell in love with homemade applesauce at this time, but I fell in love with canning!  This applesauce is amazing and so so good!  For all of you canning virgins…. this is a perfect recipe to try […]

Grilled Salad

If your first reaction was like mine, you probably thought – gross! Who wants a wilty salad? But, because you use the Hearts of Romaine, it doesn’t get wilty and still takes on that wonderful smokey BBQ flavor! My sis-in-law, Sarah, introduced us to this recipe and I am hooked! It’s easy, super healthy, and […]

It’s our tradition on Christmas morning to have hot Cinnamon rolls. Sound good? Let me make it sound even better..  You can make it all ahead the night before! We wake up, put them in the oven, and by the time the boys have seen all of their Santa presents and looked through their stockings, […]


Asparagus Rolls

I got this recipe for Asparagus Rolls from my mom and it is one of my favorite appetizers ever!  Sometimes, I’ll make it and then eat off it for a couple days for my lunch!  It is seriously delish!  It has such a great presentation, with the green asparagus and red craisins!  Perfect anytime of […]

I have the most AMAZING Pepper Jelly recipe. Sounds gross, I know – I promise it’s not! It’s the most delicious appetizer and so easy. Just open the jar and pour over a block of cream cheese and eat with Ritz crackers. A couple of years ago I was trying to find a neighbor gift […]

Donut Hole Acorns |

  We are lucky to have McKinna from Kinna’s Kreations share one of her super fun treats with us today!  McKinna is one of my childhood friends and super talented!       Hey OTBM Readers!  I’m excited to be here and share this super easy, kid friendly and cute treat with you guys!  I […]

My kids looooove sweets! Unfortunately, they are just like their Mama! My husband, on the other hand, loves healthy food. Not because he’s trying to eat healthy, he just genuinely enjoys healthier food better. I’m trying hard to teach my boys to be more like their Dad!. Here are a few ideas we do in […]

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