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Last month, my poor sister, accidentally left my nephew at a copy shop…. on his 6th birthday too.  Now, before you judge her, hear the whole story.  It was a crazy morning, she was trying to get everything ready for his adorable birthday party.  She had ran down and picked up a couple dozen balloons first.  The birthday boy insisted in sitting in the middle of the two dozen balloons.  She then pulled up to the copy shop, to pick up some prints she needed for the party and told the two boys to STAY IN THE CAR!  Her older son is 12 and was playing on his ipod touch.  The birthday boy then saw a sticker rack in the front of the store and snuck out of the car without his big brother noticing!  My sister then paid for the prints, jumped in the car and drove home.  She assumed he was still just buried in the balloons!

Luckily this specific nephew has no fear and handled it fine.  The store clerk was awesome too and  hewas reunited with his mother quickly!  But, after the whole ordeal, we got talking about the whole thing.  I asked my sister if the store clerk asked for his phone number?  Did he offer it to her?  All of that kind of stuff.  Apparently neither happened.  She ended up calling down to the store to confirm that he was, in fact, there.  We also then got talking about how she had just helped his Kindergarten teacher go through all his class and ask the kids if they knew their parents names, phone number, address, etc.  She was surprised at how many kids didn’t know this information.

I have a very strong memory of learning those things in preschool.  I don’t think they push the kids to learn that in preschool anymore, so I decided it was something that I wanted to start working on with Nathan.  So, I made this little chart to hang in his room!  It will be something that will stay up for probably the next year or so, as he learns all the things.  I printed it on cardstock and then laminated it, because I want it to stay in good condition over the time it will be up.  When Nathan marks it off, he’ll use a permanent marker.

All the things will be taught one at a time.  Nathan is almost 4 – he knows both me and my husbands full names already.  Currently, I am working with him on my phone number.  Then, we will move on to his dads.  Then I think I’ll work with him on his birthday.  I will then work on his emergency contact (which will be his Grandma) and lastly teach him his address.  Because I know it will be a while until he learns his address, I have been working with him on how to get to our house from various places around our neighborhood.  That way if he ever gets lost on a bike ride, he can figure out his way home.

I am sharing the chart with you guys today and hope it will come in handy when teaching your little ones!

Pam Dana

Pam is a stay at home working mama that enjoys all phases of life! Between her 3 kids, fur baby (a beyond cute Goldendoodle), wonderful husband, friends and working, she stays pretty busy! But, she is loving every aspect of her life! Here on Over the Big Moon, she loves to share DIY's, recipes, printables, organization tips and more!

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  • I would suggest doing what my mom did with me when I was a child. We had a secret word to use if someone other than her had to pick me up or care for me
    in an emergency. If the person didn’t know the word, I knew not to go with them.

  • I would suggest doing what my mom did with me when I was a child. We had a secret word to use if someone other than her had to pick me up or care for me
    in an emergency. If the person didn’t know the word, I knew not to go with them.

  • This is SUCH a good thing for little ones to practice. When I taught second grade, only about 50 – 60% of my students knew their address and phone number. I taught for 9 years, and I found that to be true every year.

    Our pediatrician suggested we put our phone number to music, and both of my boys knew our number within a day. The only tune that came to mind on that day was the song “867-5309/Jenny”…so that’s the tune to which our boys learned our phone number! 😉

    “Alex, you know your number. It’s 867-5309” They love to take that last number and sing “Ni-ee-eye-ine”! 😉 (Of course, substitute your own phone # in the song…)

  • Thank you for sharing! This stuff is really important and I don’t think I’ve worked on any of it with my 3 year old. Time to print and laminate just like you are going to do!

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