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Creating an Organized Craft Space

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If you want to be inspired and create, it helps the creativity flow when your space is organized and neat. I recently gave my work space a complete overhaul. I am excited to share the space with you and share a few things I learned along the way! 

organized space

First, a couple of file cabinets will hold more than you can imagine and make everything from paper, crafts, supplies, and personal papers so organized and  convenient to get to!

file cabinets

File cabinets don’t have to be ugly! I have instructions in this post on how to paint them and take them from drab to fab!

repaint file cabinets5

Spend a few extra bucks to get organizers that are functional, cute, and durable! I found this great container at Jo-Ann’s that holds just about everything I need at a moments notice when crafting. It keeps them organized, handy, and it looks great.

craft room6

As a blogger I have so much stuff for staging photos. They are cute but usually end up stuffed in a closet or box. I found a cute bookshelf to store my staging props and dishes on. craft room3

They look great on the bookshelf and they are close at hand. Its nice to see what I have!

craft room7

craft room8

I also have quite a collection of containers and bags (thank you Pick your Plum!) To store these I bought a simple crate from Jo-Ann’s on sale, stained it, and its a perfect holder where they are easy to access.

craft room9

My office supplies are in the white boxes on the shelf and my sewing supplies in the box on top.

craft room1

Because my desk is so large I can keep my sewing machine and Cricut out of sight in the closet.


When I need them I have lots of room for them on my desk and then when I’m done using them, they are easy to put back out of sight. Everything has a place and nothing feels crowded. I made sure I only kept what I need and use. There were so many craft supplies I had stored over the years that I haven’t used. It was time to get rid of them! Now I feel inspired by what I have, not weighed down with things I don’t use.

craft room2

Lastly, I had a small bucket for a trash can.  One problem, this is a craft room so it would fill up in minutes overflowed. It was always overflowing! I wanted a BIG trashcan! I bought a big metal one and painted it gold to match the decor in the room better. Its so functional, and never overflowing. Plus it is as cute as a trash can can be 🙂

craft room5    

Check out the rest of my office details by clicking on the pictures below:




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