Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

Crepe Paper Flower Napkin Rings

Hi! It’s Kara from A Kailo Chic Life and I am so excited for my first post here on Over the Big Moon! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to share this tutorial for making large crepe paper flower napkin rings. These over the top napkin rings are just perfect for a romantic Valentine’s day meal with your significant other. As a bonus they will look super cute displayed in a vase after your big meal is over.Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

Just look at how adorable they are! To make your own set of crepe paper flower napkin rings, you will need the following:

  • A roll of large crepe paper in your choice of color (each roll with yield 4 flower napkin rings)
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Yellow yarn
  • Glue stick and scissors

Crepe Paper Flower Napkin Rings

You will begin by making the center of the flower out of the yarn. Wrap the yarn around your middle three fingers quite a few times to create a small little ball shape. Then gently remove the yarn from your fingers and tie another piece of yarn around the center of the loops.


Crepe Paper Flower Napkin Rings-2Crepe Paper Flower Napkin Rings

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

Now you will slip the pipe cleaner in through the bottom loops and twist to completely contain those bottom pieces of yarn. Next, insert your scissors through the top loops and cut them open to create your stem and flower center.

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring-2

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

Now that you have the base of your flower, you will need to cut flat bottomed tear drop/petal shapes from your crepe paper. The size you make them will determine the size of your final flower. I went with ones that were 6″ wide my 8″ tall. You will need appx. 10-12 of these petals for every flower. Begin my running the glue stick along the bottom of the petal and then wrapping it around the base of the yarn flower center.

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring-4

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring-5

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

Continue in this pattern of gluing and wrapping the crepe paper petals around the stem staggering them about half a petal width each time.

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

Once you get your flower to the fullness you like, wrap another green pipe cleaner around the glued on crepe paper to hide the bottom. Then it is just a matter of adding your new napkin ring to your cloth napkins. I think the best way to use this napkin ring is to fold the napkin into a triangle and then roll the napkin starting from the point of the triangle towards the long edge. You will end up with a long napkin roll. Then just fold the napkin in half and slip the napkin ring on and tuck the flower up through the hole at the top of the napkin and slide the ring on up.

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring-9

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring-10

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

Now repeat as many times as you need to create an entire table full of these crepe paper flower napkin rings. Aren’t they just the perfect amount of large scale, over-the-top awesome?!

Crepe Paper Heart Napkin Ring

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Kara from A Kailo Chic Life

Hi! My name is Kara and I am the owner and creative force behind A Kailo Chic Life. I am a mom of two and I love all things bright, colorful, and patterned. I love interior design, crafting, DIY projects, gardening, and baking.

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