DIY Menu Board - such an easy way to display your printed weekly menu!

DIY Menu Board With Free Printable Menu

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Hey guys! Kari here from Life PreKARIous. Today, I am so excited to show you guys this DIY Menu Board!

DIY Menu Board

Can you believe it’s already almost the middle of January? Like a lot of other people, one of my goals this year is to be more organized. One way I’m trying is to plan out our weekly menu ahead of time. I spend way too much time trying to figure out what I’m going to feed my family for dinner!

I figured if I’m going to be planing a menu anyway, it might as well be cute! That’s where this simple DIY Menu Board comes in.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY Menu Board:

-sand paper
-staple gun and staples
-small clip
-hot glue gun

First, I measured and cut the wood using a miter saw. I used two pieces of barn wood, one that is about 6″ wide and another that is 3″, both about 15″ in length. To attach the boards together, I cut two more pieces of wood to go across the back and attached them using a staple gun.

DIY Menu Board

DIY Menu Board

Once the boards were attached, I sanded the edges lightly with sand paper. Then, using hot glue, I added a small clip to the front of the board.

DIY Menu Board

That’s it! Seriously SO easy! 

I made some cute menu printables, too! 

DIY Menu BoardPrint your own HERE.
DIY Menu BoardPrint your own HERE.
DIY Menu BoardPrint your own HERE.

Now maybe my family can get a little more variety for dinner! Check out a few of my other easy DIY’s over on the blog!



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