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Do Not Knock Door Printable

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Growing up our house was always full of kids coming in and out. One day my Mom finally got fed up with the constant stream of kids knocking asking if we could play! We came home to sign on our front door that said, “Do not knock. Kids cant play. They will be out when they can.”

It was the neighborhood joke. All of our friends teased her about it. She loved it! The peace of not having to answer the door to kid after kid, explaining that her kids were busy with chores. Now here I am some 20 years later and I NEED her sign. I don’t have her original but I made my own! Pretty sure my Mom is in heaven having a big happy “I told you so!” moment 🙂

Pam was nice enough to print and laminate it for me since my life has been CRAZY this week! Then I punched a hole in the top, tied it with ribbon, and hung it up!

It is so great! I hated how my kids would get all sulky when I turned their friends away. They would whine so much more knowing someone wanted to play. Now, that is not a problem! They work hard so I will take the sign down! Pretty sure this is going to save my sanity this summer too!

I made the signs purposefully bright and obnoxious so they cant be missed:)

Feel free to take control of your front door too! Its GREAT!


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Comments (9)

  • I love it!!!!! I really need it as I also hate to explain that the kids are busy with homework or chores. Thank you so much

  • I seriously LOVE this! Our neighborhood kids don’t just knock once but ring the door bell, then knock and ring again, then knock lol. I can’t get to the door quick enough I guess!

    So printing one of these out!! Thank you!

  • April@NaturalNester

    I need one of these for the UPS lady…she knocks so loud she wakes up my sleeping babies! I never thought to make a little sign and laminate it. Great idea!!!

  • Jessica @ Pretty Providence

    Lisa this is fabulous! I love how cute the sign is too :). Even though I don’t need this quite yet I want to pin it for later! Thanks for sharing.

  • We get no knocks! 🙂 But oh how I needed this in our last neighborhood. (and fyi I have a laminator too for future closer purposes.) 🙂

  • sarah @ pretty providence

    Haha! This is so funny, and genius. I was totally one of those kids knocking on the door. I was an early bird and was ready to play by 9am and my friends were still sleeping/working on their chores!

  • Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only mean mom. I get so tired of having my door bell rung especially when my baby is sleeping. That I put a sign on my door the other day and even made my kids take a nap. Yep glad to know I’m not the only one who does so.

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