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Fall Farm Porch Sign Tutorial

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Happy Friday everybody!!  Today I’m going to share with you how to make this super easy Front Porch Sign!  It has added so much to our Fall Front Porch and we’ve gotten so many comments from neighbors and friends about it!  I’ve even had several people ask if I sell them!  

The other great thing is that ANYBODY can make this!  Yes ladies!!  I’m talking to you!  All you need is a basic chop saw to cut your boards to length.  If you don’t have a chop saw, then just have the nice employees at Home Depot or Lowes make your cuts for you!

What you need:

40″ Tall 4″x4″ Post

6″x6″ Post Cap and Base (Like this Post Cap and this Base – however you can buy more affordable at Home Depot or Lowes)

8″x8″ square (for under the post base to add more support)

5 boards cut at Random lengths and heights
We used all 1″ thick boards at the following dimensions:

  • 16″x3.5″
  • 21″x2.5″
  • 20″x3.5″
  • 22″x2.5″
  • 17″x3.5″

Paint in desired colors (I used brown, orange and white)

Vinyl Stencils of words (Cricut files shared below)

Paint Sealant


Start by staining everything and allowing it to dry for 24 hours!


Then assemble by attaching the Post Top and Post Base.  I went ahead and used wood glue and also used the nail gun to attached them.  The base I decided to screw in.  

(*Note – It’s not pictured in this tutorial, but I would suggest getting a bigger 8″x8″ wood base base to put on the very bottom to help give it better support.  We live in a windier area and I have had to add that to prevent the sign being blown over.)

I then took my 5 boards and painted them white.  I then took my sand block and roughed the boards up just a bit!  After they had tried I screwed them into the post.  Being that they were only an inch thick, I didn’t need pre drill the holes.  Because the sign is meant to look a little older, I didn’t bother filling and painting over the screws.  I liked them visable!


Afterwards I brought it in my house (it was a windy day) and got all the vinyl prepped!  I measured the boards and cut the words to the appropriate size.  Instead of using the vinyl, I pull the outside of the vinyl off and used it as a stencil.  

When applying the paint I applied it in different thicknesses, to give each phrase a different look.   After the paint at partially tried, I took the end of a screwdriver and scratched up some of the paint and areas to make the sign look worn.

I then sprayed the clear sealant over all the signs!  Then you’re done!  It was such an easy project and I love how it turned out!

You can access the Cricut files below:

Sign Phrases




Good luck and have fun!  If you make the sign (or one inspired from this one), we’d love for you to share it with us on our Facebook page!  

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