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Video Game Father and Son Shirts with Your Cricut

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Make a matching set of shirts for your favorite video game playing father and son using your Cricut! You can make these for any age duo.

My husband is a gamer through and through. He actually prefers PCs over consoles (computers over Nintendos for those of you who don’t know the lingo) but I liked the look of controllers better than a mouse and keyboard! I have set this all up for you to just click a link and get making!


Make a matching set of shirts for your favorite video game playing father and son using your Cricut! You can make these for any age duo.

The sizing I have for this file is for a Large t shirt and a 2t t shirt. Design space makes it super easy to make these files smaller or larger though so if you need to make some alterations then don’t forget to do that!

What I Used to make my Father and Son Shirts

Make sure your t shirts are prewashed! If they’re brand new throw them in the laundry.

Open up the Design Space project.

Start by cutting your vinyl. Don’t forget to mirror for iron on! i’ve made this checklist so you never mess up your iron on ever again so if you need a little extra help, see here!


cricut cutting iron on

Weed your pieces and grab your prewashed t shirt!


placing layered iron on

Now you will start ironing on. Start with the white layer. Using your EasyPress makes this whole process so simple! I have found putting a little weight on the EasyPress helps a lot too.

cricut easypress in progress

Peel the layer from your first layer and then place your second layer. Here is the important part: put the previous plastic layer on top of any uncovered vinyl. You do not want the iron touching any uncovered vinyl or it will melt it.


placing iron on in layers

Do your third layer in this same way and you are all done! I always suggest putting a press cloth on top of the finished vinyl and finishing it off that way so you know it’s on really well.


finished father son shirts

My husband loves matching our little guy so these father and son shirts are a family favorite around here!

If you liked this post I bet you’ll also like this DIY Mickey Men’s sweater and these matching yoga shirts! Also don’t miss this post for a run down of how to use iron on if you’ve never done it before.

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