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Favorite Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Lisa and I have both been working on our Christmas Gift Lists for our boys.  It’s always so hard to know what is worth buying or not.  So, we thought we would share with you some of our favorite things we have bought for our boys!  We apologize that we don’t having really any “girly” things on this list.  It’s just outside our area of expertise!

Feel free to ask any questions, if you have them!  These are all things that we have and are kids enjoy!

Pam’s Picks
Wedgits – These are so clever and fun!  They come with a little booklet to teach you how to build all sorts of different things!
Trio Blocks – They snap together so easy and hold!  My 18 month can do these with my 3 year old and not get frustrated!
Lauri Tall Stacker Pegs – I love using the pegs not only for building, but to work on patterning, color sorting and counting!
Melissa and Doug Stamp Sets – Stamping is one of Nathan’s favorite things to do!  He loves to create scenes and pictures!  We plan on expanding his collection this Christmas!
Strider Balance Bike – Nathan got one for his 3rd birthday and within weeks he had learned his balance!  Jeff will be starting out on it soon!  I HIGHLY recommend investing in a balance bike over training wheels!
Wiggle Car – You can never have too many wiggle cars!  They are ALWAYS the hot item of choice!  Jeff will be getting one for Christmas from his Grammy this year!
Lisa’s Picks

Lego Bricks and More Builders Set:  As you learned in this post, we are a big Lego Family!  My boys love a fun Lego set from the Star Wars series but there are simply not enough plain bricks to really build a substantial base. This kind of set really bulks up the amount of building blocks  so they can really build! They also have some great plain sets of just Figures and Lego Wheels!
 Melissa and Doug Folding Castle:  They also have a Princess Castle version of this! For the price this castle is amazing! The folding castle has the coolest trap door and jail with a sliding door! We got this Knights and Dragon to go with it last year. I’m pretty sure Santa will be bringing this Dragons Collection this year.
Quadrilla Marble Run: This is an amazing marble run! It is definitely geared for kids 5 and up but we love it! It’s not a cheap set but it is such good quality. I don’t think they could break it if they wanted to. I joke with John that this is one of the toys we will definitely be keeping for the grandkids!

Magnetix: They have multiple sizes and sets, so be sure get one that is size/age appropriate!  Caleb loves the smaller pieces and we are really excited to add the Magnetic Construction Kit for him. But these are way to small for Beckham. he likes them but even at almost 3 he is tempted to put them in his mouth. I wish we had the Magneatos sets for Beckham. Other than that I love that the Magnetix teaches them about shapes and really challenges their mind when building. Especially when they build something 2 dimensional and then have to figure out how to make it 3 dimensional.

Fisher Price Nativity: This has been one of my boys favorites during the holidays!  It is nice for them to have their own Nativity they can touch and play with!
Stomp Rocket:  Not just one of my boys favorites, but a neighborhood favorite…A daddy neighborhood favorite! For how inexpensive this gift is it will be a huge hit! It really can launch far! It took 2 years but we have officially worn ours out and are ready for another one.

We would LOVE to hear what some of your favorite kids gifts and activities have been!  Please feel free to leave your suggestions in a comment!

Pam Dana

Pam is a stay at home working mama that enjoys all phases of life! Between her 3 kids, fur baby (a beyond cute Goldendoodle), wonderful husband, friends and working, she stays pretty busy! But, she is loving every aspect of her life! Here on Over the Big Moon, she loves to share DIY's, recipes, printables, organization tips and more!

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