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Featured Free Fonts

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Today Pam and I both are sharing some of our favorite fonts that you can download for FREE! Just click on the font name under the image and it will take you to the site to download the font!


*These are Google web fonts. It’s a great place to find awesome free fonts. In order to download them you have to add them to your collection and then you should see on the right hand sided about 1/3 of the way down a button to download collection.

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Stinkerella & Stinkzilla
Pea Cathi
Amanda’s Script
Spicy Sushi Roll
For the One Hundredth Time
Miserably Lose
Glider Girls
Wish I Was Taller


If you want to learn how to download these free fonts, we have a tutorial here. Please be sure to check that post for ways to protect yourself from downloading a virus. Please use extreme caution when downloading anything onto your computer!

Check out all our other free font collections here!

Comments (2)

  • Love your font lists. Thought you would like to know about the fonts that have changed since you did your lists. Lisa’s list~ French Script says it’s been removed because of copyright issues….but I found it already loaded on my new laptop, so check your fonts and it might already be loaded! The Freehand 521BT font is now a “Pay” font and no longer “free” to download.

    I could not figure out how t download the Google fonts. Are they intended to be used on a website, or can they be downloaded and used on your computer? I’ll keep trying to figure out to download them, because I saw some great fonts there.

    Pam’s list~ The font Miserably Lose downloads an .exe file when you click the “download” link; however, I just clicked “cancel” and didn’t save it. Then another screen will have the font with two download links. Don’t choose the first link because it has the “Auto Installer” that wanted to download the first time! However, selecting the second link (Download Link 1) that says “Zip Archive” will download a “Zip” file containing the font.

    I wrote all of this out in case someone else tries to download these fonts.

    • Ive changed the links so that they work on other sites. Sometimes they change them but just having the font name can be really helpful because you can google it and find the font on another site. Good for you for catching the .exe – NEVER download anything for a website you don’t trust that ends in .exe!

      As for the google fonts you can download them just like any other font to use in your programs. First search the name on the google fonts page, then hit “add to collection.” You can do this for many fonts and just keep adding them to your collection and then download them all at once. To download look on the top rightish side of the webage there is an arrow that points down. Click on that and it will bring up a popup menu. It says you dont have to downloiad them to use them on your website. The first after that says “Download the font families in your Collection as a .zip file” click on that and it will be the same steps as our fonts tutorial. You just have to unzip the file and install the fonts. Hope that helps!

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