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Frontierland & Critter Country – Ride by Ride

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Frontierland and Critter Country! 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad– 40″, children under 7 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 14. Fun ride, fast line, fast pass available.

Fantasmic! – Nighttime show on the Rivers of America. Amazing! Usually only shows on weekends. We view it best by showing up near the end of the first show and waiting until that show ends. Then as people clear out you can squeeze in and get front row seats without the really long wait. The fireworks usually run in-between the shows and you have great seats for the fireworks too.

Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island – Worth the time to explore, all ages will have fun! Caves, Tree house, bridges. It’s a super fun place to play tag and let kids run around. In the caves there are some fun hidden surprises too that might jump and scare you!

Mark Twain Riverboat/ Sailing Ship Columbia – Ships that circle the Rovers of America, they only have 1 going at a time. It’s a nice trip around Tom Sawyers Island. On the Mark Twain Riverboat you can ask to steer the ship – just ask right when you get on.

Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes – Operates seasonally, closes during bad weather and they are only open during certain times of day. The earlier in the day the better your chances of getting on when they are open. Rides around the entire Tom Sawyers Island. It’s a pretty good workout!

Splash Mountain – 40″, fast pass available, as well as a single rider line. Great way to cool off. The line moves average. If you are taking pictures as your party goes down the big drop – stand across the walkway from the line. Look around the railing and down, there is a little hole where you can snap a great picture of the riders in the boat after they have come down the drop.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Super cute ride, especially for little ones and toddlers. Usually doesn’t have a big line and it moves pretty fast. It’s kind of hidden around Splash Mountain but it’s a great ride to take little ones on while bigger kids ride Splash Mountain.

I might add that our favorite restaurant is in Critter Country, The Hungry Bear Restaurant! As always you can send us your questions or give us your input in the comments!

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  • I like The Hungry Bear too, but not all of my 5 kids did. They season their burgers kind of heavy and I had a couple of kids not like them:) But I love the area and have eaten snacks with my little one on the bottom, shady deck by the river while the others rode Splash Mountain.

  • I never knew about that hole across from Splah Mountain. I would definitely like to try taking that pic. Where is that railing you speak of? Thank you for all your great tips 🙂

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