Giant Outdoor Waterbed

Hi, I’m Lori from You’ve Been Framed and Mouse Encounter. I am a preschool teacher, blogger and most important mommy to an awesome 5 year old boy! A few weeks ago I saw this Giant Waterbed idea on Pinterest from Play at Home Mom. Raise your hand if you love Pinterest! ME,ME,ME! So, when Pam and Lisa asked me to guest post on OTBM I knew excatly what I was going to do.
Here are the steps we took to make our Waterbed:
Step 1: We headed on down to our local Family Dollar store to purchase what we needed. I bought a 10 x 20 ft extra strong sheet of plastic and a roll of duck tape. The cost for the whole project was $8.00.
Step 2:  We unrolled the sheet of plastic and then folded it in half.
Step 3:  We duck taped the edges together, leaving a small opening at one end for the hose. My husband helped me do this, I suggest two pairs of hands for sure. I couldn’t have done it by myself. I also found it was easier to use shorter strips of tape.Then filler’ up! Side note: I was thinking it would be fun to have colored water, but because there was so much water the two bottles of green food coloring I added wasn’t even noticeable once it was full.
Step 4: I’d say it took us about 20 minutes for this step. After you fill up your Waterbed tape the last opening up and check the seams for leaks. We had a ton of leaks!!! Just add more duck tape and go for it!
***Warning*** Don’t expect the plastic to hold up. The very first time my son jumped on it he put three holes in the top. However, it held up. The water didn’t come pouring out, but because it didn’t allow some leaking it created a great slippery surface for him to slide on.  I didn’t have to spray the top with water or add an soap. He played on it for over two hours and had a blast!
I really enjoyed this project as well. It is such a great sensory activity for toddlers and preschool aged children. If you really feel like being creative you could add food coloring and glitter. It would just take a lot of each to see it. You also could spray the top with the hose and make it a giant slip and slide. Our family was also able to talk about waves and the motion of the water. It really was a great time.
So, that’s it, easy and inexpensive! I hope you enjoyed this post and are able to try the Giant Waterbed at home with your kiddos.
Thanks Pam and Lisa for letting me guest post on Over The Big Moon!

Pam Dana

Pam is a stay at home working mama that enjoys all phases of life! Between her 3 kids, fur baby (a beyond cute Goldendoodle), wonderful husband, friends and working, she stays pretty busy! But, she is loving every aspect of her life! Here on Over the Big Moon, she loves to share DIY's, recipes, printables, organization tips and more!

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  • Wow! This looks like a blast! The pools are so crowded these
    days, so the giant waterbed is a great alternative. Plus, it’s a great way to
    get out of the house! I hate to admit it, but I have grown quite accustomed to
    an indoor lifestyle. When I’m not cranking up the AC in my office at Dish, it’s
    a safe bet I am usually cranking the AC in the living room. LOL! Our TV hasn’t
    gotten this much use in a while. The record button on the remote to our DVR has
    been worn down to almost nothing, and it’s only the beginning of July! Thanks
    to this great idea, it’ll be nice to step outside the living room and not melt
    for once. And since we have the Hopper DVR box that comes equipped with tons of
    recording space, our shows will be waiting for us when we get back from this
    sudsy adventure. I’ll let you know what the kids think! Keep the good posts

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